Virtually On Stage

Virtually On Stage

Connecting with patrons on a whole new level,bars and clubs in the city have YouTube channels to post videos of events at their venue.

A picture generally speaks a thousand words. But for bars and clubs in the city that are always coming up with new theme parties and hosting gigs by various bands and artistes,mere pictures are not enough to tell the world what’s going on at their venue. So apart from building online communities on Twitter and Facebook,they are expanding their reach

by creating their own channel

on YouTube.

High Spirits Cafe,Koregaon Park,launched their YouTube channel in March 2011 featuring a line-up of interesting gigs,performances and parties throughout the year. “Photos don’t really capture the actual essence of a performance. We wanted to showcase the music genres,crowd,vibe and ambience of our place through videos and post them online,” says Khodu Irani,owner,High Spirits. He got the idea of shooting a video of the gigs from DJ Tally,who was their in-house DJ in 2007. That year Irani recorded the first video at the club and gave it as a gift at their Christmas party. Uploading the videos on YouTube was a natural progression.

Though the management at Swig Bar and Eatery,Koregaon Park,started a YouTube channel about a year ago,they have begun posting videos of the gigs on the channel every week since last month. And they intend to carry on the practice with diligence from now on. “With the advent of smartphones and evolution of the internet,old school advertising is passe. Everyone has access to a plethora of knowledge in the palms of their hands,literally,” says Sandy Singh,owner of Swig.

He cites several reasons that attracted him to the idea of creating a YouTube channel beginning with how the videos on the channel serve as a virtual party for someone who couldn’t attend the gig. “Not everyone can make it to the gig,specially the ones we have on weekdays. They can go check out the YouTube channel and catch up on the performance of the artistes,” says Singh.


The fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google gives local bars and clubs great worldwide visibility. “If you have a presence there,even those who don’t know you can find you. That’s one important way of increasing the visitor-base,” adds Singh.

Siddharth Varma,Assistant Manager,Marketing,at The Westin,agrees. “Most of our guests are from out of town and even from other countries. With videos of our hotel and some of the parties at Kue Bar,we show them exactly what they can enjoy at the hotel. It gives them a feel of the place,visibility and they are more comfortable with coming over,” says Varma,who manages the content of the YouTube channel by Westin in the city.

While Swig has videos ranging from three to five minutes,which capture the essence of the performances,High Spirits’ videos feature behind-the-scene interviews with the artistes. Owing to their marketing needs,The Westin’s videos mostly showcase the venue. Both Swig and High Spirits have a group of young professionals who shoot and edit the videos while Westin brings in a crew of videographers from the Starwood group of hotels. “Young people shooting videos are more creative and enthusiastic,” says Irani. Singh says the only brief they give their video team is to keep it under five minutes-long so that it holds the viewers’ attention.