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UoP accused of moving at snail’s pace on amending Ordinance 182

Amendment in ordinance would facilitate students’ access to photocopies of answersheets

The University of Pune (UoP) has been accused of delaying the amendment of Ordinance 182,which would facilitate students’ access to photocopies of answersheets.

In August,the university had set up a committee to deal with the issue but no desired progress on introducing student-friendly provisions has taken place. The varsity had received a notice from advocacy group Sajag Nagarika Manch in March,seeking the required amendment in Ordinance 182.

In its existing form,Ordinance 182 denies certified copies of re-evaluated answersheets to students,restricts them to apply for photocopies of answersheets of more than three subjects,and also deprives them of photocopies of assessment in practical examination,session marks,marks of viva-voce/ dissertation/ thesis/project,and certain common entrance test among other provisions.

Acitivist Vivek Velankar,who issued a notice to UoP,said the inordinate delay in amending the ordinance implies university’s reluctance in doing away with unjust and unlawful provisions in the ordinance.


“The university authorities have a trademark answer ‘work is in progress’ when inquired about status of amendment. If the university claims it has formed a panel to decide on the issue,it should have expedited the desired task in two months,” he said,threatening to file a writ petition against the varsity in Bombay High Court for contempt of Supreme Court directives and violation of RTI Act while clinging on to Ordinance 182 in present form.

Several provisions in the said ordinance are believed to be contravening Supreme Court’s judgment pertaining to keeping record of students’ answersheets as well as blatantly violating provisions of RTI Act.

The apex court’s judgment that when a candidate appears in an examination and submits his answersheet to the examining body,the evaluated answersheet becomes a record containing the ‘opinion’ of the examiner. Hence,the evaluated answersheet is also a piece of information under the RTI Act,said Velankar.

He added the term evaluation covers the re-evaluation process and hence Ordinance 182 is completely contrary to the ruling of the apex court.

Despite repeated attempts,UoP registrar Narendra Kadu could not be reached for comments on the issue.