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Monday, May 25, 2020

Unrealistically Artistic

Suhasini Kirloskar’s debut exhibition depicts her works based on various images that have touched her mind and soul in the past three years

Written by Garima Mishra | Published: August 5, 2013 3:20:34 am

Art,she says,was in and around her from the very beginning. Suhasini Kirloskar grew up in South Mumbai,a hub of art and cultural establishments like Jehangir Art Gallery,National Centre for Performing Arts and Prithvi Theatre,to name a few. The close proximity of her residence to these centres gave her an opportunity to witness artistes as big as M F Hussain walking down the street quite regularly. Whenever she travelled abroad,she spent most of her time in museums observing works of renowned painters such as Van Gogh,Leonardo Da Vinci,Amerighi da Caravaggio and so on. After shifting to Pune in 1992 though,she kept painting as a hobby; her job as an international trade and investment professional didn’t allow her to translate her passion into an art exhibition. In the past three years,her passion for art,she says,turned into an obsession. She enrolled for a three-month-long distance learning course in visual art appreciation with Oxford University. Besides,she is also taking lessons from Pune-based painter Dilip Patil. “However,my paintings are very experimental,”says Kirloskar,who will be showcasing her works in an exhibition titled Worlds Beyond at Atrium 5,Ground Floor,Phoenix Market City from August 9 to August 12.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Friday by Geeta Castelino,CEO,Agricultural Development Trust,Baramati,who is also a board director at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. The event will also see the launch of Secrets of the Art Millionaires,a book by art collector,publisher,aesthetic consultant and curator Durva Gandhi.

Explaining the theme of her paintings,she says,“I don’t paint anything which is realistic.” So while there is one that paints the riches of the ocean,another one is of a forest fire. Then there is a painting in just three colors — black,white and red. “Culturally,white is purity,black is associated with death,and red symbolises love and passion,” explains Kirloskar,whose artworks are mainly in acrylics.

Worlds Beyond includes works that are primarily landscapes and dreamscapes,which are spontaneous and free-style. “Around a century ago,landscape photography was very limited. Today,with the explosion in photography technology,you have an opportunity to see amazing images of underwater,outer space and landscapes that you have never seen – from North Pole to South Pole. There is so much to see visually. I got inspired to show some of those forms without copying any photograph. So I just bought canvas and started painting,” she says.

The artist shares that though she kept painting,it was purely as a hobby and for fun,with no targets. Recently,a few of her friends from the art circle suggested that her works are worth exhibiting. That,she says,gave her the courage. Altogether,she will be exhibiting 20 paintings,all of them depicting unrealistic images. “I try to imagine this could be a scene on some planet,or that could be a flower somewhere on this Earth. For instance,recently I was on this long-distance flight and somebody just lifted the window shutter and an image instantly struck my mind. I decided that the moment I reach home,I will paint that image,” says 46-year-old Kirloskar,adding that she puts in an effort to make her imagination work on the canvas with the right composition and colour-combination. “I may imagine something but the painting takes its own life on canvas,” she adds.

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