Trust plans school on Preet Mandir land

Trust plans school on Preet Mandir land

WCD dept forwards proposal to state govt; education was one of the options mentioned in deed when land was allotted to the trust.

The Balwant Kartar Anand Foundation that ran Preet Mandir,a now-defunct adoption agency,has sought permission from the state government to allow them to use the land for educational purpose. It wants to start a branch of Lexicon International School from the building.

In a letter to commissioner and secretary of the women and child development department and chairman of the Child Welfare Committee,managing trustee D P Bhatia has said having discontinued with their “child care and adoption activities”,they have now identified education as another activity to focus on. Education was among the four activities enshrined in the trust deed.

The foundation now has new board of trustees comprising seven members — D P Bhatia,Pankaj Sharma,Neeraj Sharma,their spouses,and P Padnambhan from New Delhi. The Sharmas are part of Sukhdev and Kamal Sharma Educational Trust,which runs Lexicon International School. “They have come on board to help us set up the educational institute and it will be a primary school set-up. We will,however,operate independently and are seeking permission from the education department,” said Bhatia.

The letter signed by Bhatia said the objective of the trust was to vigorously pursue efforts to establish and run a school under the aegis of Balwant Kartar Anand Foundation,which “shall provide high-standard education to students,including needy and deserving ones,in this neighbourhood.”


The new trust passed a resolution in this regard on November 1.

The WCD department has forwarded the proposal to the government. “The decision will be taken by the state government. We will however carry out the shifting of children from the home,” said an official.

The foundation had got the land on a concessional rate from the government. While it had decided to use it for the purpose of opening a home for abandoned children and their rehabilitation,the trust deed had three other options — home for unwed mothers/destitute women or a primary school. The foundation now wants to explore the fourth option.

The land cannot be transferred and can only be used for the purposes granted on February 9,1996. The government had also stated that no building could be erected that could earn any profit for the foundation and in the event of any such unauthorised diversion,change or modification,the government had to be intimated.

According to the sanad executed on behalf of the Maharashtra governor by the Pune district collector on September 25,1994,if any initiative is carried out without the government’s knowledge,the government can even get the land vacated without entertaining any claims.