Tough for corporators now to name civic properties after kin

Tough for corporators now to name civic properties after kin

Corporators of the same panel battle to lend family name to civic properties; civic body changes rules.

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) corporators have been naming new civic properties after relatives but the panel system,which replaced the ward system in the last civic elections,has made it tougher.

Each panel is now represented by two corporators. If one recommends his family name for a civic property like road,garden,cultural hall or school,it is usually met with opposition from the other corporator of the same panel.

Faced with a dilemma,the civic administration has decided to approve a name only if both corporators of the electoral panel agree to it.

“The corporators had so far been having their way in naming civic properties in the jurisdiction of their electoral wards and grabbing any opportunity to name civic properties after their relatives. The civic administration accepted names proposed by local corporators as there was no opposition from anyone,” said a civic officer,explaining how it was done before the last elections.


During the civic elections last year,panels replaced wards and two corporators now represent each panel.

“The differences that crop up between two corporators of same panel over naming a civic property has made it difficult for the civic administration to name its new properties these days. The corporators propose different names for the same property,” said the civic administration in its proposal tabled before the naming committee.

To resolve the issue,leaders of all political parties framed a new policy wherein the name of a civic property will be finalised only if both corporators of a panel agree. “There is no other option to resolve the issue than the two corporators agreeing. They can divide civic properties among themselves for the purpose of naming them,or the civic administration will have its way,” said Mayor Vaishali Bankar.

She said corporators should stop naming civic properties after their relatives to avoid differences between corporators of the same panel.

“Corporators misuse their powers and name civic properties after their kin. Civic properties should be named for the convenience of citizens,” said Shreyas Deshpande,a citizen.

Naming properties after freedom fighters or achievers in any field would enable citizens to recall their contribution,too,he said.

“The naming of civic properties after relatives of corporator does not serve any purpose. It only satisfies the corporator.” The naming is for easy identification by public and not for the corporator to promote the family name,Deshpande said.