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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Three in One

Pune-based Sejz Inn’s artwork,inspired by yoga,children and womanhood,is manifested through oil and digital paintings

Written by Rushil Dutta | Published: August 12, 2013 2:23:21 am

On the four walls of the Koregaon Park-situated Ark Gallery on Friday,hung paintings from three series of visual artwork by artist Sejz Inn. Each series is strikingly different from the other. The inspirations behind these paintings range from the artist’s tryst with yoga to her commentary on women’s struggle. The exhibition was called Aleatoire,a French word that roughly translates to “randomness” or “unpredictability”.

“I have exhibited three sets of work,namely Yoga Art,Innocence and Phases,” says Inn,adding,“While Yoga Art and Phases are digital artwork on canvas,Innocence is a series of oil paintings on canvas.”

Inn describes her creative process as being “the deliverance of a buzz in her mind,or a choking grip that must be eased through art.” It is during such times of mental anguish or turmoil when Inn resorts to the canvas,or her computer,and creates these striking visual treats. Speaking of the collection which was exhibited,Inn says,“I was really happy to see the turnout of my emotions.”

Upon entering the gallery,Inn’s Yoga Art series first met the eye. The set of paintings from this theme were exclusive to Pune. Minimalistic in nature,the subjects in all the paintings are women in the foreground,executing a yogic posture. These posturing women usually form a part of a larger motif,which is consequential to the postures or the asanas they are executing.

“Take the example of the one with the white rabbit. The subject is doing the Sanagasana,which requires one to emulate a rabbit’s posture,” says Inn,adding,“Hence I have fit the subject to the background in a way that she,doing the asana,forms the hind legs of the rabbit in the background. The symbolism in these paintings places a double emphasis on the meaning of the asanas.”

The next set of works were oil paintings on canvas; a collection of portraits of little girls. “I was conducting an art workshop for children of expatriates,and I was intrigued by their behaviour. I realised children can be great teachers of life,” says Inn. Therefore,she dedicated an entire collection of paintings to children and named the series Innocence. The subjects range from a little girl with a pet,to one sitting decked up on a chest. With her skilful rendition of the glint in the children’s eyes which look straight into the viewer’s,Inn captures her perception of their innocence.

From women in yoga postures to little girls; Inn arrives at the struggling woman with Phases,a set of four “quick digital artworks” with an art-nouveau-gone-post-pop-art flavour. These artworks portray nudes,their backgrounds packed with motifs and symbols. “The artworks,when juxtaposed in order,tell the story of a woman’s journey from doubt to crisis and how she bounces back,” explains Inn adding,“The third in the set,for example,shows the woman losing her locks,which according to me,is a symbol of giving up on one’s beauty to get camouflaged in the society. The fourth has a spider suspended from the top,symbolising hope.”

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