The Slambook

Studying at: Engineering from Pune University,Third year

Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: May 8, 2012 12:45:40 am

Name: Saurav Chatterjee,

Studying at: Engineering from Pune University,Third year

Fad First: I am currently learning Spanish and have been hooked on to watching football in that language!

Style statement: Three-fourths,chhapals,black tee shirt

Song I can’t stop humming: Yesterday by Beatles

Food Love: Mughlai at Northern Frontier

When I bunk college,I chill at: At one of my friend’s place jamming or at Toons

Three Speed Dial names: My sister,dad (when in trouble) and Aki

Rolled on the floor laughing when :During one of our band performances,the guitarist’s pick fell from the stage and he started playing all wrong notes. We were in splits.

perfect date: For me a perfect date would be out trekking

Screen Time: I recently liked the movie Avengers

Five years from now: I would like to be pursuing sound design

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