The Slambook

The Slambook

I can't stop listening to Babli Badmaash and Batameez Dil.

Name: Omendra Pratap Singh

Studying at: Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College,LLB II-year

Songs I can’t stop listening: I can’t stop listening to Babli Badmaash and Batameez Dil

Film I can watch again and again: I love Lakshya and Bourne Identity

Fad First: I am crazy about food

In my free time: I usually play outdoor games such as badminton. I love the kind of exercise the game gives me


When I bunk college I chill at: Depends on my mood and friends

Style statement: I believe we should be ourselves and that’s why I usually wear clothes that I am comfortable in

In five years from now: I see myself as a good lawyer

A perfect date: I am not the kind of person to take a girl out for dinner and a movie. I think spontaneity is more important

Three speed dial names: My friends Garima,Sumi and Tasha

Roll on the floor laughing: I am usually laughing all the time. Even the most dry jokes crack me up

Food love: I love non-vegetarian Mughlai food. Butter chicken is among my favourites