The Slambook

The Slambook

Pritish Chatterjee

Name: Pritish Chatterjee

Studying at: Symbiosis Law School

Songs I cannot stop listening to: Currently it is Tum hi ho from Aashique 2. All-time favourites include You raise me up by Josh Groban; Chura liya hai tumne and Aapke haseen rukh by Mohammad Rafi

Film I can watch again and again: Top Gun,Fight Club,A Few Good Men,3 Idiots and Golmaal

Fad First: Cricket

in my free time: I either read books or watch dance videos or browse through social networking sites


When I bunk college,I am usually at: Will be hard to believe but usually,I don’t bunk college since there is a stringent attendance rule

Style statement: Just be confident and you can pull off anything,well barring if someone wears a skirt with boots and ties a ponytail and then claims that it’s ‘style’

Five years from now: Living my happy abundant life with wealth,my lady love and good health

A perfect date: It’s more about connecting with your date rather than going to fancy places. I would rather have an ice cream and talk about things that concern us than buy her an expensive dinner and have a fake conversation

Speed Dial numbers: Mother,father and sister

Rolled on the floor laughing: It was the last night of my previous semester. I had to give 13 exams and had not met any of my friends during that period. I was obviously going crazy and wanted to party hard,so I went to Paasha,JW Marriott,with some of my friends and happened to meet many old buddies there. One friend and I started dancing though there was no dancing floor and got several bad stares from the crowd. But we didn’t care and kept at it. Eventually,the crowd joined in too and there were many “May I have a dance with you?” coming for me. Each time I think of this incident,I cannot stop laughing.

Food Love: I love the chicken biryani cooked by my mother

As told to Sneha Dey