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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The NerveRek Diaries

The band NerveRek And Friends,which has transformed many times over in the last decade,plans a tribute to Michael Jackson

Written by Sneha Dey | Published: June 27, 2013 3:28:12 am

To be an immortal,alive/ To suck the blood of life just to survive/ Hope for something to come,and release: the lyrics of JU-ON by the winners of Campus Rock Idols 2007,NerveRek And Friends,does make an impact for being imaginative.

The band,founded by Arjun Dhanraj in 2003,has been creating music for almost 10 years now and is at the forefront of South Indian rock circuit and progressive rock in the country. What started off as a three-piece band has metamorphosed many times over along the way,experimenting with songs and growing intense.

Even the line-up kept changing,save Dhanraj,who remained the only constant in what is now a four-member band. Set to take the stage in the city on Sunday,performing a tribute to Michael Jackson,Dhanraj says,“We are not even capable of improvising Michael Jackson’s songs but we will put in all our efforts to give justice to his creations.”

Explaining how they strive to produce refreshing music,Dhanraj says they spend a lot of time in experimenting with different genres. They do not supersede any particular genre,preferring to base their songs on concepts. For instance,if it’s a funky piece,they usually keep it heavy metal.

However,they do not experiment much with Indian classical. Dhanraj says it’s because traditional music is difficult to incorporate with what they create. “But we will definitely not mind giving it a try some day,” he says,adding that he is trained in the art form.

The band performs all over the country,from Delhi and Bangalore,to Kolkata and Mumbai. Currently,they are working on a concept album titled Forever Endeavour,and hoping to perform overseas.

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