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Friday, July 20, 2018

The Lightness of Being

On a searingly hot day,the appetite usually nose dives. But that trend can reverse if one can be afforded the privilege of bowls full of comfort food.

Written by Shruti Nambiar | Published: May 12, 2012 7:47:03 am

On a searingly hot day,the appetite usually nose dives. But that trend can reverse if one can be afforded the privilege of bowls full of comfort food. The Flour Works,located in one of the genteel by lanes of Kalyani Nagar,started a few months ago with bakery dreams in mind. But the spacious plot it landed in,thankfully,compelled it to bring together a menu that includes breakfast,main course items and beverages as well. The eatery is all minimalist wooden interiors,with some interesting vases filled with wheat branches added in,but the focus is the food. We are happy to see the equally toned down,thin menus,that neatly announce a superlative mix of ingredients and flavours. After much this-or-that deliberations,we decide on trying some of the all-day breakfast spread. Our picks – an omelette with a ham,cheese and bell peppers stuffing; and an Eggs Benedict. The former is a gooey centered delight,and mercifully not overloaded with the stuffing. It is served with toasted bread slices,grilled tomato halves,fries and generous amounts of butter. The latter is a regular affair,with a bacon inside.

The separate beverages menu unleashes another round of high-on-flavour possibilities – there are coffees,teas,smoothies,iced teas,refreshers,and well,more teas to choose from. We opt for a Boston,which is a black tea,white granulated sugar,cranberry juice and fresh mint concoction. Needless to say,the juice is a much welcome sugary high,but we missed the taste of tea in the drink. That craving was fulfilled by the Moroccon Tea,sublime as it should be,with a beautiful sprig of mint hugging it.

There is an interesting selection of salads to pick from here,and we go with the Seafood Salad. It consists of lightly cooked red snapper chunks,prawns and squid,doused in a lighter lemon vinaigrette dressing. We love how real this salad is,the seafood bits are not overpowered by any addition,and if it is the zest of lemon you are missing,it is available on demand. Next comes the Chicken and White Bean Chili,looking like a bowl full of creamy comfort food. The abundance of white beans may dismay chicken lovers,but the blink-and-you-miss shredded chicken and mildly hot chilli can inspire many scoops full of indulgence. It is served with some zesty salsa,and garlic bread.

We were disappointed that the Duck Confit was missing,but we were rewarded with the buttery onslaught of the Pan Seared Basa,with a lemon-caper sauce,some silken cauliflower puree,and French beans sprinkled with almond flakes. Let’s just say it is brilliance served on a plate. In the midst of it all,we nibbled on some excellent croissant with a chocolate filling.

This gorge-fest had to be sealed with some desserts. In came the mango tart,all well-done pastry and canary topping of sweet and sour fruit slices. But the clincher was the Chocolate Decadence. Seventy percent chocolate and no flour,this will give the saccharine high clones a run for their money.

The Flour Works scores high because of its consummate love for food,and fresh ingredients. One visit is not enough.

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