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Mumbai-based band The Lightyears Explode,on their upcoming album and performance in Pune

Written by Debjani Paul | Published: August 9, 2012 1:30:43 am

Mumbai-based band The Lightyears Explode,on their upcoming album and performance in Pune

They’re young and bursting with energy; a fact that comes across in their catchy numbers and in their crazy antics on stage. The Lightyears Explode,a three-year-old garage rock and rock ‘n’ roll band from Mumbai are returning to Pune with the same enthusiasm and fervor with several new songs thrown in. With Saurabh Roy on vocals and lead guitar,Shalom Benjamin on Bass and Aaron Carvalho on drums,The Lightyears Explode began as an ordinary college band. In the last three years,however,the band has performed at venues in Mumbai,Kolkata,Pune,Kharakpur,Cochi and Goa. After winning the Channel [V Launchpad and releasing their first EP last year,they are set to release its first album in September,this year. With a string of well etched performances the trio will be performing in the city at High Spirits later this month.

“Our songs are about regular things that happen in life; about people we meet and things we see. It’s nothing too serious,” says Benjamin. Some of the band’s original include quirky numbers like Garam Dharam,The Weapon,I’m a Disco Dancer amongst others. “Garam Dharam is one of our most popular tracks. It is about angry people doing angry things,” he adds.

Describing their sound,Benjamin says,“Our songs are quite fast and catchy. Some of our songs also have the Ganpati procession beats to add an extra zing.” The band credits this innovation to their drummer,Carvalho,who also performs at weddings and at religious festival such as Ganesh Chaturthi. The band members’ enthusiasm extends to their stage performances as well and have lead to several hilarious incidents. “There have been so many times when we have fallen on stage in public because we jump so much during our performances. At the Launchpad,when Saurabh jumped,he actually dented the stage there. He was quite heavy then,at 160 kg but he’s lost a lot of weight since then,” laughs Benjamin.

They are also known for their cover of the Bollywood song,Eena Meena Deeka . “We love Kishore Kumar’s songs and this is a great song. We play it our own way though,with a touch of punk rock so it’s catchy with some great guitar riffs,” he says. Bollywood is clearly a recurring theme in the band’s music. “We’re influenced by Bollywood because we all love watching movies,especially the old-school movies from the 80s and 90s. For us though,it’s more about the essence and the feel of those movies than their music. Movies like Karan Arjun and Judwa,were over the top and so much fun,” adds Roy,the vocalist. Incidentally about their performance in the city Benjamin remarks,“Our listeners are usually young,college-going people and we have heard such great things about the crowd at Pune and High Spirits so we’re excited about the performance. We’ll be playing seven new songs from our album and four songs which we will be performing for the first time.”

On their future plans,they will launch their new album next month and will release 10 to 11 new songs in it. Roy says,“It’s going to be a rock ‘n’ roll album with a Bollywoodish theme as well. We have some crazy piano and guitar lines there and we’re also trying to put in a slower song in the album this time.”

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