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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Teachers in many pvt colleges go without pay for months

Institutes say social welfare dept sitting on the fund for disbursement

Written by Atikh Rashid , Ardhra Nair | Pune | Updated: May 11, 2014 4:33:25 am
Teachers from Sinhgad institutes worst-hit Teachers from Sinhgad institutes worst-hit

Teachers in many private colleges are in a fix as they are yet to receive their salary, with some of them not being paid for the past four months. While institutes blame it on the social welfare department’s inability to give scholarship funds on time, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) says colleges often delay their proposals and hence are left out during the disbursement.

A teacher from one of the Sinhgad Institutes said, “We have not been paid salaries for the past four months. We have enquired with the administration but till date there is no response. This is hard on us. Especially when it’s admission season now and school and college fees needs to be paid on time.” He added, “We are living on our savings now. It is particularly hard if there is only one earning member in the family.”

This is not the first time that such a thing has happened. “Last year, too, there was the same problem. Many of us have to pay EMI on house loans and vehicle loans every month. Due to non-payment of money, even these have to be paid back out of our savings,” said another professor.

Even last year, Sinhgad institutes had delayed on payment to teachers but had then taken a bank loan and given the salaries to them. But this year the teachers complained that nothing of that sort seemed in the pipeline. M N Navale, Founder President of Sinhgad Institutes, declined to comment on the issue.

Rahul Karad, vice president of MAEER’s MIT group of institutes, said they have a due of almost Rs 10 crore pending with the SWD. “This has been a problem for many years. Earlier the students used to pay the entire fee and then the government used to pay back the scholarships and freeships whenever they had money. But then they changed it and now the students pay only half the fee or no fee as the case may be and then we have to wait for the government to pay up, which takes time,” said Karad. “Institutes then have to take a loan from the bank and interest on it is also a huge due to which the staff payments also suffer. A permanent solution has to found by the government,” added Karad.

Rajeev Jagtap, Founder President of Abhinav Education Society, also says there is scholarship amount worth Rs 5 crore pending with the SWD. “The students belonging to SC, ST VJNT category have almost 100 per cent fee concession while OBC students have 50 per cent. Our colleges are private, unaided colleges and fees is the only source of income. But when this is delayed, the entire process is affected hence forcing us to go to banks for loans which then pile up huge interests on the institutes.

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