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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Take away,please

The Brix Pizza offers fresh cheese pizzas and some interesting flavours,but stick to take-aways or home deliveries

Written by Shruti Nambiar | Published: April 28, 2012 2:27:53 am

The Brix Pizza offers fresh cheese pizzas and some interesting flavours,but stick to take-aways or home deliveries

You know what they say about first impressions,they can be make or break. The Brix Pizza enticed us not because of that curious slant in the spelling,but because it conjured up a break from the otherwise dough-heavy fare of pizza chains. Then there was the promise of interesting flavours and some authentic wood-fired bases. We ignored the take-away only commitment and headed to the outlet with eagerly hungry stomachs. It is located on the Sangvi Kesri road in Aundh,well almost. Thankfully for a board directing us into a by lane,we would have wondered if we had in fact just imagined its existence. When we did find the building,the location seemed awry,standing fort in the midst of a sleepy residential outpost. The store also looked like it needed a feisty rap of a dust mop. We walked in to dullness all around – the staff seemed a bit surprised that we had bothered to come all the way. We sheepishly took the menu and settled in the low-ceiling upper section. No one had thought of embellishing the drab brown,or red,walls here. Thankfully for us,the drone of the air conditioner and the television rescued the sinking feeling.

Now for the food. The one-page menu,printed on a regular laminated card,looked simple enough – it was divided into ‘Classic’,’Special’,’Premium’,’Signature’ and ‘Sides’. The ingredients list was seeped in promise,there were zucchini and bell peppers galore,and the cheese had variety. We decided to start with the Olive ‘n’ Cheese Balls,and for the lack of any other option,a fizz drink. The order took some time to arrive,so we read through the menu with interest. The non-vegetarian section,arguably,looked more fascinating here. They have a green chillies,corn,minced lamb,Feta cheese topping they call ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’; then there is ‘Rivers of Babylon’,with prawns,onions,mushroom,cherry tomato and Parmesan flakes.

As a reminder that this is primarily a take-away place,the starter arrives in an aluminum foil box,and no plates. If we shift back to the question of first impressions,it is a bit of a fail here. The balls are drippy with over-used oil and reek of no cheese. But when that fact is ignored,the insides are quite a relish. The mozzarella is evidently fresh,and the olive pieces and smattering of oregano makes for a lovely combination. If only the bread crust had delivered.

Next up were the pizzas; we ordered for a Mesto Pesto veg one,and the alluring sounding Golden Prawn Malabar from the non-veg section. The former had too much happening as topping – there were roasted cashews,zucchini,sliced banana peppers,couscous,sun dried tomato,with pesto sauce,butter and Feta cheese. The combination left the pizza a bit bland,but the taste of cashews and the pesto was interesting nevertheless. The base,having survived the wood-fired oven,was a bit too toasted. The latter pizza was a marvel – the topping was prawn cooked in coconut gravy with a distinct curry leaves flavour. The aroma was disarmingly good,and the cheese yummy fresh.

The place has just Chocolate Mousse for dessert,and unluckily for us,it wasn’t available on the day.

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