Sports made compulsory but dearth of instructors in Pune university colleges

Each student will be charged Rs 20 annually and sports activities will be encouraged.

Written by Ardhra Nair | Pune | Published: December 16, 2014 5:03:14 pm

Sports will carry grades in mark-sheets from the next academic year in affiliated colleges of Savitribai Phule Pune University making it compulsory for students even though only 179 of the over 600 colleges have the physical education director, which is a mandatory requirement.

The scheme to make sports compulsory was announced last year in a government resolution (GR). The GR had asked all state universities to make sports compulsory in undergraduate courses. As per the directive, Savitribai Phule Pune University decided to introduce sports as a compulsory subject from 2015-16.

“It will be a graded subject and the examination will be held once a year. The grades will be mentioned in marksheets. We have given all colleges a choice of various sports but it is up to the colleges to decide which sports it will adopt to suit infrastructure availability. For example of a college does not have a swimming is an event but if the college does not have a pool they can conduct other sporting activities. Our aim is to motivate students to play and be physically fit,” said Deepak Mane, Director of Physical Education, SPPU.

Each student will be charged Rs 20 annually and sports activities will be encouraged throughout the year. “Sports as a subject will be compulsory for all students and under all faculties affiliated to the varsity. The only exemption is for specially abled students. But we have given them the option of participating in any sport of their choice if they want to, otherwise they can refrain from it completely. The choice is theirs,” said Mane. Further, Mane added,“We will also give students a physical achievement card about various sporting events they participated in and grades or achievements that they have obtained”.

The key issue with the scheme is that in over 600 plus affiliated colleges, many colleges do not have a physical director without which it is not possible to appear for the exams. Many colleges in the city lack proper sports infrastructure including a sports ground.

“It is true that only 179 physical directors are there at present and many colleges lack infrastructure. But we will be writing to various colleges asking them to appoint physical instruction directors on an ad hoc basis at least. This is a new step and will take some time to be implemented. Hence, over the years, there will be more awareness of sports and hence all colleges will themselves appoint physical instruction directors,” Mane claimed.

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