Small Talk

Small Talk

In the city for the 8th Indira Awards for Marketing Excellence,the iconic Shatrughan Sinha addressed the gathering in his signature style.

Pune special!
In the city for the 8th Indira Awards for Marketing Excellence,the iconic Shatrughan Sinha addressed the gathering in his signature style. “My journey from Patna to Pune has been a long an interesting one. I say Pune and not Mumbai because this is the city where I learnt how to become an actor and pursue my dreams so Pune is special. When I set out to become an actor most of my friends advised me that I had to change my name. It was too long and that it would not bring m any success. However,I stuck to my guns,and managed to prove them wrong.” Talking more about his experiences he said,“Every state that I have traveled has had a different way of pronouncing my name. The dictions were different everywhere,be it the north east,down south or even here in Maharashtra,my name has constantly given people a reason to laugh. Even when I decided I had to study acting there were quite a lot of snickering around. My image as a not too bright student from school and college had stuck on with me. All this however always gave me a reason to swim against the tide.” On the youth of today he muses,“The youth of today is more focused,goal oriented and have a definite idea as to what they want from life. My only advice to them would be,be different,and go out there and prove yourself to people. Even if you cannot prove it then also try to be yourself. This is what I have been doing all my life . At the end of the day it’s not been a bad deal at all,” he smiles.

Strokes and sargam
It was evening when ragas unveiled the various layers of art. Two different forms of art merged into one in a unique programme Abhivyakti that took place at Symbiosis Viswa Bhavan this Sunday. The hour-long programme featured performances by Jaipur atrauli gharana’s singer,Priyadarshini Kulkarni and sarod maestro Biswajit Roy Chowdhury on the backdrop of miniature paintings from 14 and 15 century. Ragas such as basant based on the theme of Holi with a bandish piya sang khelo re and aawe saajan aaya from raag gauri along with seven to eight other ragas was presented during the show. “This show had contribution from artistes in the field of music towards promoting miniature paintings that have an irreplaceable position in the history of Indian culture,” said Chowdhury.

Automobile art
Renowned automobile designer Dilip Chhabria showcased his artistic talents in a new avatar by hosting an exhibition of his paintings and sculpture installations,inspired by cars,at the Tilting Art Gallery in Ishanya Mall recently. The inauguration of the exhibition also included a special presentation by Dilip Chhabria about his two loves — art and engineering. Besides the innovative collection of art,selected designer cars by Chhabria were also on display at the venue. “The inspiration for the exhibition is the motor car but not obviously so. It’s not in your face,rather,it’s abstract,” says Chhabria. “We have to accept the fact that modern man has been shaped culturally,socially and economically by the motorcar and hence,that is an emotional object for the modern man,” he adds. The exhibition,which was inaugurated by Vivek Oberoi,is next-gen and futuristic in nature. The paintings by Chhabria have a dominant colour scheme of black and red and the medium used is acrylic on canvas. The sculptures are made of disparate materials,including natural wood,aluminum,steel,acrylic,glass and crystal.

Fashion fiesta
The Fashionista exhibition,organised by Yukti Shankar,wife of TV star Pavan Shankar,got underway at the Ishanya Mall recently. The seventh exhibition by Fashionista,it had kiosks from across the country and from across the border,with a Pakistani stall in place. From classy candles,votives,tablemats,other home decor and utility items and affordable designer clothes,the exhibition had something to suit all budgets,under one roof. “Our aim is to ensure that people get all kinds of stuff at our exhibition. We’ve got a tremendous response across the board in the past and we hope to come back to Pune next year too,if the response this year proves encouraging,” said Shankar.

Reel life encounters
What is the common link between a petrol pump owner,an automobile dealer,a leading watch brand retailer,a builder,and a couple of young entrepreneurs! An encounter and the formation of a production house that is already two movies old,is the answer. The Mango Production house,which was launched a summer ago and has the credit of producing two movies already,launched the Mango Studios this Sunday. Speaking more about the launch of the enterprise ,Ranjit Shirole one of the partners said,“After the state government making it compulsory for multiplexes to screen at least one Marathi movie,the industry has received a shot in the arm. ”Adding more to this Vishal Chordia,another one of the partners said,“Initially we were apprehensive about going solo as none of us had any prior knowledge. So we co-produced our movies with other producers. The two movies that we have co-produced includes Ghaat Pratighaat and Most Wanted . The second movie is slated for a release in April and features songs by Shankar Mahadevan.