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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Small Talk

La Brasserie (Le Meridien),the restaurant will be offering an all Indian style traditional buffet complete with an open barbecue and a live counter where customers can have their food to order.

Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: March 11, 2009 2:31:34 am

Colourful celebrations
Le Meridien

La Brasserie (Le Meridien),the restaurant will be offering an all Indian style traditional buffet complete with an open barbecue and a live counter where customers can have their food to order. On the menu will be appetisers such as soups,salads,a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs,roasted and grilled vegetables and meats,tandoori dishes and an assortment of sweet dishes. The buffet is priced at Rs 725 per person and is inclusive of all taxes. Alcoholic beverages will also be served but the charges for the same will vary.

Sentosa Resort & Water Park Pvt Ltd
Sentosa Resort & Wate Park Pvt Ltd is organising a rain dance complemented with some great music with DJs from the city as well as Mumbai playing some jazzy numbers. DJ Aqeel,Waggy and Cawas will be entertaining guests at the special party from 10 am to 6 pm. The buffet is priced at Rs 350 per person with a complementary drink.

Post 91
Post 91 at Koregaon Park is playing host to a food festival called Colours of Holi and Flavours of Food from March 10 to 14. While from Tuesday to Saturday,the food festival will be on only for dinners,on Sunday,it will be be for both lunch and dinner. Priced at Rs 499 per person,inclusive of taxes and unlimited food and drinks,the menu has regional food from all parts of the country and a whole host of Indian desserts. In addition,the ambience has been remodelled keeping in mind the vibrant colours and festive atmosphere of Holi.

Poona Club
A colourful rain dance is what Poona club has in store for its members this Holi. The rain dance will kick-start at 11 am and will continue till 3 in the afternoon. For the members the passes come for Rs110. The members can bring their guests for the event. The guest passes are priced at Rs. 440.

The Corinthians
The Colosseum at Corinthians will be splashed in colours. And not only that the colurs will vibrate with music as DJ Agnel,Frankie and Sumit and Dj Papas will enthrall the people with the rocking music. The rain Dance is scheduled from 10 am to 7 pm. For the members the passes are priced at Rs 150 whereas for the guests the price is Rs 250.

Artistic beginnings
Whilst most people would not like to see art through the eyes of a six or seven year old,the students of the Asher’s Art Corner sure had both,their parents as well as the teachers were awe-struck when it came to answering questions about art,at the Art Quiz held at the Corner’s premises on Sunday. Speaking about the event,Vanita Narain Das,the event manager who doubled up as Vanny the friendly witch,says,“The students were divided into two age groups,5-8 and 9-11 and they were quizzed on their knowledge about basic art forms,types of colours,ways to achieve primary and secondary colours and the differences between them.” The students of the senior age group however had a tougher round of questions like talking about renaissance art,various types of colours,pastels,and differences between various styles of paintings. Speaking about the quiz,Rashmi Jain,one of the kids in the senior group says,“The quiz is a wonderful way for us to improve our knowledge about art. I had a wonderful time participating in it and also I am glad to have won some prizes too. I hope to participate in such quizzes in the future too.” While Picasso and Rembrandt might still be a long way away for these kids they have sure found the right path to tread upon.

Pouring on
If alternative rock is your forte and you idolise Bruce Springsteen and Eric Clapton,then Poured on Ice,the Delhi-based alternative rock band would definitely set your frayed nerves to rest. The band performed at Not Just Jazz By The Bay on Tuesday. Speaking more about the band,lead vocalist and senior band member Rushabh Shearon says,“Our band basically loves to experiment with new sounds and tones. In fact we even write different riffs and melodies depending upon our moods.” Elaborating,he says,“Inspirations for the band range from Eric Clapton,Bruce Springsteen U2,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Blink 182 and so on. Every band member looks upto different singers from around the world to inspire them. Our music,however,does not incorporate elements of hard rock,thrash metal and the rest. There are no heavy elements in our music. For us,music is all about being ourselves .” On a concluding note,he says,“We have five members in our band,including a girl who is our drummer. We have Varun Iyer and Ishaan Yadav on guitars,S Varun on bass guitars,Divya Sood on drums and myself on the vocals. We believe our music lets people unwind and chill out and just as our name suggests Poured on Ice is exactly the type of music that we play.”

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