Small Screen Rewards

If,like the rest of the nation,you’re addicted to your television set,then this show is for you.

Written by Pooja Pillai | Published: July 19, 2010 12:11:31 am

Big Money
Imagine TV
Saturday and Sunday,9 pm
Rating: ***

What’s it about?If,like the rest of the nation,you’re addicted to your television set,then this show is for you. That much-maligned group of people,Couch Potatoes,finally gets it’s due with Big Money—it pays big bucks to be channel-surfing all the time,because this new quiz show will test contestants’ knowledge on anything and everything on the small screen. And yes,that also includes television ad films and obscure questions about the origins of reality show participants. There was even one question about the infamous Elesh Parunjanwala. If you don’t know who that is,stop reading right now—this show is not for you.

The concept is simple. A family will play together to answer questions about television and win upto Rs 1 crore. At the beginning of each new round,the family picks a subject and the questions get progressively tougher. One wrong answer,one weak link,and the team will be asked to go home,empty-handed.

Who’s in it?The show is hosted by actor R Madhavan,who seems to have a way,not just with ladies,but also with children and grown men. It’s a simple combination of charm,quick repartee and a ‘we are family’ attitude. The participants too,so far at least,seem to have been picked more for their confidence before the camera than much actual television knowledge (One participant blasphemously suggested that ‘What’s up,Doc?’ is Daffy Duck’s catchphrase.)

What’s hot?The questions cover a nice range of shows—from daily soaps to movies on television to cartoon shows. In short,there is something for almost everyone over here. Madhavan,while he may not have the gravitas of Amitabh Bachchan,has an easy charisma and gets along famously with the participants.

What’s not?We know Madhavan was in the super-super-hit movie 3 Idiots,but can we stop saying ‘All Izz Well’ whenever a cast member from that movie heaves into view? The show would be much better if we were not repeatedly subjected to the song and dance. Surely,Big Money stands well enough on its own,without having to latch onto the 3 Idiots juggernaut.

Should you be watching it?Don’t just watch it; if you think your television IQ is up to the challenge,go ahead and participate — you might end up being rewarded for being a couch potato,after all.

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