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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Siya Later

A new vegetarian restaurant in Kothrud has an ambitious menu but falls short of expectations.

Written by Prajakta Hebbar | Published: November 30, 2013 1:31:51 am

The restaurant Siya,located on the curving street of Citypride,Kothrud,is not hard to miss. With the catchy green neon sign,plentiful foliage and a throng of crowd waiting outside,the new establishment seems bustling during dinner hours. We got a table soon enough,but the pleasant impression that had formed in our minds after looking at the earthen vases and the copper handis and the general bustling atmosphere was diminished when we walked into the restaurant.

Sulky waiters ushered us into a small booth near the entrance in the room full of dull colours — brown and black tablecloths and chairs. A sign that says: “No cards accepted sorry for the inconvince” (sic) adds insult to injury.

The menu,typical of a “pure-veg” restaurant,was ambitious,and covered south Indian,Chinese,fast food and north Indian dishes. As we were slightly hungry and feeling bad about the waiting crowd outside (babies,grandparents,etc),we decided to skip the starters and ordered Veg Kolhapuri,Dal Makhni and Butter naan.

We were disappointed with Veg Kolhapuri,a concoction of vegetables cooked in a curry. It was too oily,not spicy enough and the tangy flavour of the curry had not percolated to the vegetables yet. The dal makhni was comparatively good,but the naan proved to be chewy and undercooked and quite a challenge to our jaws.

From the Oriental section,we decided to order the Triple Schezwan Fried Rice. We were inspired by the fond memories of our college days,chomping on the slightly greasy,way too spicy,thoroughly delectable and purely-Pune concoction of fried rice,hakka noodles and manchurian,thrown pell-mell into a wok,tossed lightly with all imaginable condiments found in an average fridge door. But the variant that came to our table was a sad,colourless variant. The rice was undercooked and not spicy enough,the noodles chewy and the garnishing of limp spring onion,careless.

For once,we were thankful that the dessert section had no enticing options. We ordered a malai kulfi,which was served to us in a plastic plate with a dinner spoon. The kulfi itself was average.

As we were waiting for the valet to bring in the car,we looked back at the crowd and wondered about the draw of the place. As our companion burped unceremoniously,we came to the conclusion that it must be so because of the lack of good vegetarian restaurants in the area. Say what you might about the hasty opinions,we would definitely not recommend this place.

Meal for two: Rs 700

(inclusive of taxes)

Address: CTS No. 670,Kothrud

Contact: 8600000333

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