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Monday, July 23, 2018

Shutter Speed

Capturing a moment in just the right angle,composition and lighting has fascinated many youngsters.

Written by Tanvi Seth | Published: May 28, 2013 2:48:24 am

College students are looking at professional photography not just as a quick way of earning pocket money,but as a full time career

Capturing a moment in just the right angle,composition and lighting has fascinated many youngsters. And with social networking sites to share photographs,every other person with a digital camera is taking up photography. But amateurs aside,a growing number of college students in Pune are now pursuing photography as a career or to earn a fast cash. From exploring their skills on basic mobile cameras to using borrowed equipment for shoots,the new league of shutter bugs are enjoying the moment for life.

Twenty three-year-old Rohan Sanjay from DY Patil College,Akurdi,says he wasn’t always interested in pursuing photography professionally. “Then I began getting compliments from people for a skill I did not know I had. Two years ago,I started clicking with purpose. It began when I clicked pictures of my friends with my smart phone. Few years later,the smart phone changed to a Canon SX30 and I started editing and clicking pictures of everything,” he says. Sanjay adds that he is self taught. “I learnt a lot from travel blogs and from observing the works of famous photographers. Online tutorials also helped me learn the basics of using a high-end DSLR camera,” he says.

Now,Sanjay is working his way towards becoming a fashion photographer. “I have already shot portfolios and worked with models from the Models in Pune group on Facebook,” he says. His works even landed him an assignment with fashion choreographer Sandeep Garma,where he worked with 17 models from the Pune Club May Queen 2013 pageant. “My most prized memory definitely will be the first time I shot with Lisha Rakhyani. I was a bit nervous as I was doing it for the first time. I didn’t even have a DSLR back then,I somehow managed to pull off the shoot with a semi-DSLR. Thankfully,she was very kind and supportive. It was a great experience. That’s when I decided I should learn and do more of fashion photography,” adds Sanjay.

Akhil Warrier,a 22-year-old MCom student from Indira College of Commerce and Science,has dreams of owning a studio in 10 years. A landscape photographer,Warrier says his favorite memory with a camera was clicking the sunset at Lavasa recently. “The scenery was beautiful. I won’t forget that day ever,” he says adding,“I was around five or six when my father bought a reel camera and I was fascinated by it. I spent all my time clicking pictures and never let anyone else use the camera.” Currently he is using a friend’s DSLR so he can get used to it before buying one for himself. Warrier vouches that photography as a profession can be rewarding monetarily as well as satisfying creatively. “I earn about Rs 5,000 for a single shoot. There are those who make up to Rs 10,000,” he says. His love for the trade cannot be concealed as he says,“No sunset is the same. The same sunset has a new charm about it,every evening.”

Amateur photographer Ushma Anirudha,who traveled with the Bangalore IPL team,says by the time she was 14,her love for photography had grown to an extent where she knew it was what she had to do. Studying BA in Fine Arts in Pune,she gave up her seat in JJ College,Mumbai,to focus on a career in photography. But she busts the notion that the job is a cakewalk. “Contrary to popular belief,it is hard work. But my best friend Yasmin helped me out. Although almost everyone has a DSLR these days,it’s a good thing. Amateur photography allows people to explore the creative field. They have the freedom to do whatever they want,” she says.

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