Show bees

Show bees

HR professional</b><br>I don’t think Rakhi Sawant’s mother or for that matter any one can put up a ‘show’ like Rakhi Sawant...

Pradnya Rajput
HR professional

I don’t think Rakhi Sawant’s mother or for that matter any one can put up a ‘show’ like Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant is ‘unique’ and more known than her mother. She will certainly draw more TRPs than her mother because of this. Yes,people might want to watch her mother simply because they would be curious to know who her mother is.

Amar Ludhrani

I think both mother and daughter will boost the TRPs of their respective shows,as both are equally good at nautanki. No wonder that producers of the reality shows tap them at the right time. But such controversial people are the ones to add spice to the show,if everything goes goody-goody,we may not watch it also. These days even the viewers know that reality shows are much more beyond reality and contestants would go to any extent to be in the show for a longer time.

Pinky Fulwani

I think Rakhi has become a pro as far as reality shows are concerned,so she has got a upper hand there. However,since this is the third season of Big Boss and it has already got a fan following,I don’t think it has any competition with a reality show like Pati Patni aur Woh . Also,there are very high chances that Jaya Sawant will be out from Big Boss,as lot of participants have taken her name for the elimination.

Abhijit Gavali
software professional

Neither her mother nor Rakhi Sawant deserve the kind of attention they are getting. I do not watch any of the shows and I believe talent should be the only criterion to grab TRPs in showbiz. These of shows are putting up a display that people watch not because of the quality of the show or the talent of people involved,but because they are putting up a nautanki and people want to know to what extent they can go for hogging limelight.

Maya Menon

Personally I would prefer to watch Big Boss and not Pati Patni or Woh. The reason behind this is that I would not want to support a show that is torturous to small children. Besides,I have been following Big Boss for quite some time and I find this reality show far better than Pati Patni aur Who. So more than these two individuals,it is the show that decides the TRP for me which in this case means that Jaya Sawant would get more TRPs than Rakhi Sawant.