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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

She scores only 52% but is a super-achiever

Malika Sayyed worked as domestic help to support her education.

Written by Ardhra Nair | Published: May 31, 2013 1:59:15 am

Malika Sayyed’s 52 per cent in Class XII may not seem worth mentioning when top marks in the city hover around 98 per cent. Looking at how she had to struggle to continue her education,she is an achiever all the way.

The science student of Genba Sopanrao Moje junior college had to work as a domestic help to continue her studies after Class VIII. Even today,she works as a domestic help in the mornings and evenings. Not only that,she works at a call centre,too.

Her study hours were curtailed by her burden to earn,but she had no choice. Even now,she wants to study but does not know how to afford it.

Malika’s mother Najma Sayyed says,“The youngest of my three children,Malika is the brightest.”

“My son dropped out after Class VII and now drives a rickshaw. My second child Garima couldn’t continue after Class X because we had no money. When Malika was in Class VIII,it was hard for me to support the family. I asked her to drop out,” says Najma.

“But she did not quit. She started working as a domestic help in a nearby home and paid for her own education,” said Najma.

Malika’s father had abandoned them when Malika was a child. Since then Najma has been supporting the family working as a domestic help and waste picker.

Malika,who just arrived home from the call centre,says,“I am happy I passed Class XII but I wish I had got more marks.”

“Every month,I get Rs 1,000 each for working in the mornings and evenings as a domestic help,and Rs 5,000 from the call centre. I wanted to be an engineer but I guess with such poor marks and no money,it is impossible. I still want to study something related to computers so that I can get a better job and support my family. Whatever my mother earns goes into house rent. We all pitch in for other bills. Higher education is very expensive. I have no clue how I will get that much money,” said Malika.

“In the morning,she works as a domestic help in a house. Earlier she used to go to college after that. Now she comes back,has her breakfast and goes out to a nearby company to work. After working there until 7 pm she returns home and again runs off to another house where she works as a domestic help. She helps me in household chores. She used to study after 10 pm every day. Sometimes she used to be very tired but still studied as much as she could. But I am afraid I won’t be sending her for further studies,” said Najma.

“Her sister is 20 years old and we need to get her married. Malika is working on three jobs and we need to save the money for the wedding. Higher education is too expensive. There is no help from any relatives. Hence we have to save as much as possible. I know she loves to study but as a mother I am helpless as marrying off daughters is very important. I know Malika will be devastated but sometimes you have to make hard choices,” added Najma.

96.67% waste pickers’ children passed exam: KKPKP

Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP),a trade union of waste pickers announced that they 96.67 per cent of children of waste pickers who gave the February-March 2013 Class XII exams have passed. “We are still summarising the results. There were almost 60 students who appeared for the exams of whom 58 passed. Seven students secured first class and around 48 got second class,” said Maitreyi,treasurer,KKPKP. “The highest has been secured by Soni Tupasangwe who secured 71 per cent,” said Maitreyi.

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