Scent of the ragas

Indian classical music has different ragas as per moods.

Written by PRASAD JOSHI | Published: December 12, 2013 4:58:44 am

Is it possible to capture different ragas,with all its nuances and grace,in vials of perfume?

Two city-based music connoisseurs,who have been into perfumery for more than a decade now,have come out

with perfumes claimed to be carrying the essence of Indian classical ragas.

The novel experiment,undertaken by Mandar Lele

and Anand Jog,assumes significance considering the encouraging feedback their work has received from music experts,among others.

Released in a set of nine vials under the brand,‘Rusit – Ragas Collection’,each based on different ragas,these perfumes will be available for sale at the annual Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav starting on Thursday.

“We have taken into consideration aromatherapy and music therapy together while devising the set of perfumes based on ragas. Whether it is enjoying any music or aroma,our respective senses are involved in the process that appeals to the brain. Our perfumes offer an experience that refresh and revitalise minds same as music does,” said Lele. Hindustani classical ragas Lalit,Bahar,Multani,Sarang,Darbari,Chandrakauns,Marubihag,Bilawal and Hansdhwani have been covered under the ‘Rusit’ collection.

Lele,faculty member of a local engineering institute,said different components of every perfume were evolved in consultation with experts.

“Each and every component of all nine perfumes was developed considering their effect on human brains as per aromatherapy. We tried to match those effects when brains responds to a particular raga. Indian classical music has different ragas as per moods. Different aromas,similarly,can stimulate brain to generate same emotions,” he said.

Anand Deshmukh,who is compering the Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav,for the last more than two decades,said ‘Rusit – Ragas Collection’ had a scientific base. “The concept of the mix of aromatherapy and music therapy is still at a nascent stage. There are supporting evidence in the history of Indian culture and classical music to this. The work of Lele and Jog is very novel and likely to gain ground in the near future,” he told Newsline.

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