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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Romance with rhythms

He is not a repentant young man who tries to woo his lover back by serenading her with his trusty guitar.

Written by Shashi Priya | Published: February 20, 2009 1:46:45 am

Serenading his forte,singer and guitarist Olivet Fernandes stirs the romantic fantasies of his listeners

He is not a repentant young man who tries to woo his lover back by serenading her with his trusty guitar. But when Olivet Fernandes strums his guitar to sing- I love you more than I can say,it is not only his love who is wooed. Many hearts are set aflutter when 45-year-old Olivet Fernandes croons to the immensely romantic retro melodies.

And as his voice smoothly glides caressing your romantic fantasies,in the dimly lit restaurants you secretly thank him for capturing the essence of your intimate moments.

Little do the ones to witness this enchanter’s performance know that he is not a trained singer. But his love for music has made him grow in leaps and bounds on the rhythmic front. Fernandes who started his career as a marketing executive opted for music as a profession some eight years back. Putting at stake his progressive career in the marketing field,Fernandes plunged headlong into music to satiate the singer in him. “I was working with Le Meridian when I took the decision of changing the field. I could not stay away from music for long,” shares Fernandes.

Fernandes’ romance with music started at college where his novel ways to strum the guitar swept many off their feet. When Fernandes began his first professional fling with music with the Knight’s band,it did not work out that well thus making Fernades finally leave everything behind to start his solo singing career in 2000. “The band was dismantled in 1995. So I had to look for other options to do justice to the singer in me,” smiles Fernandes.

Today,Olly as he is popularly known as is a name that stirs the romantic fantasies of all who have listened to him even once. With serenading his forte,Olly has at your command your favourite song. Talking about one of his performances he says,”I can still remember how people just can’t stop requesting songs. Especially this valentine’s Day I was flooded with requests at the Ccasonova restaurant.”

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