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Monday, July 16, 2018

Rock on the Beach

City-based rock outfit BeachDog gets ready to launch its debut album

Written by Shruti Nambiar | Published: April 17, 2012 2:42:28 am

City-based rock outfit BeachDog gets ready to launch its debut album

A band named BeachDog is sure to tickle the curiosity of even the least enthusiastic of music listeners. When they launch an album which has been in the making since 2007,this curiosity is bound to multiply. The city-based rock quartet with a “basic” guitar-drum-bass ensemble is set to perform at their first album Blood and Prayers’ launch gig at Swig – Bar & Eatery at Koregaon Park on Wednesday.

The album will feature eight songs and an instrumental track,but if the song list gives an impression of having an elaborate theme then one would be mistaken. “There is no message here. We have put in songs that we like,” Bhushan Marathe the vocalist would like to clarify. All the four band members – Marathe,Vishal Gore (guitar),Anoop Kumar (bass) and Shreyas Iyengar (drums) – have pitched in with their song writing skills for the album,with Kumar having written six of the songs. The instrumental song,on the other hand,was an accidental recording that happened when Kumar was playing a tune during a break. The band thought of including the one-and-a-half minute track in the album.

Blood and Prayers is the first milestone of sorts for the band,achieved almost six years after the first scratch record was made. The intervening years were spent making and selecting songs,taking breaks to pursue day jobs,infrequent practice sessions and finding a drummer to suit the rhythm sections. The end result has been stronger chemistry among the members and enough material to put together three albums. “It has been a nice change in the music scene,over the years,” says Marathe,a Chartered Accountant when he is not making music. “The audience now asks for originals,and so many bands have come out with albums and traveled abroad with their music.” Gore and Marathe had earlier been a part of the alt/grunge band,Head Rush.

The band spent many hours to get the album art right as well. Every song has its own graphic design,made by Nitin Veturkar,and on the launch day,he will helm live concept animation streaming to punctuate the performance. Koko from the band Agnee and Varun Venkit of Taal Inc have collaborated on the album,and will also perform at Swig with BeachDog. That gets us back to the name. “It was Vishal’s idea. It conveys the idea of a carefree attitude,just like that of a beach dog,” grins Marathe.

(BeachDog will perform at Swig,starting 8:30pm)

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