Reporters’ Notebook

Reporters’ Notebook

Don’t write about my siesta!

Don’t write about my siesta!

A group of reporters recently visited a police station as part of the routine news gathering exercise. It was 3 pm and the station duty officer at the reception told them the senior inspector was taking a nap as he was on a bandobast duty till 5 am and had to come to work at 9 am for an urgent case. Following this,reporters went to meet another inspector at the police station. As the reporters were leaving the station premises,the senior inspector who had woken up by then called them back. After a brief discussion about recent cases,the inspector jokingly said,“I hope you will not write about my siesta in tomorrow’s newspaper. I hope I won’t see the headline Senior PI fast asleep,as crime thrives. One of the reporters quipped,“A cup of tea will do if you don’t want us to write.”

Scoop the helmet

A railway official with Pune Division,who was apparently disgruntled because of some internal administration politics,called a reporter to meet him with a promise that he would give him some “big scoop” exposing some “corrupt officials” and gangs of contractors which were looting railway property and passengers. At the agreed time and place,the reporter met the official. The officer spoke at length about many subjects,including his interest in poetry,his family,and his adventures while he was a youth and last but not the least some important details about corruption that he had promised. However,when the reporter sought his permission to leave,the officer started asking if somebody had seen him while coming to meet him? Lastly he asked,“Do you have a helmet with you?” When the reporter answered him in affirmative,he insisted the reporter wear a helmet while going back to avoid anybody seeing him there!

Toll tension

A reporter and a photojournalist recently visited Nashik to cover a news story. On their way,the driver of the cab provided by the office paid a toll for a return journey at the booth near Pune hoping they would return by 12 am that day. However,on the way back they got delayed and it seemed they would cross the Pune toll booth only after 1 am,meaning that the drive would have to pay additional toll as a return journey receipt is only valid till mid-night. However,the driver was averse to the idea of paying additional amount and announced he would ensure they crossed the toll booth before 12 am. The driver not only oversped but also denied occupants from getting down to answer nature’s call. He,in fact,succeeded in his pursuit and reached the toll at 11.55 pm.

Delayed justice


The effort by lawyers seeking a High Court bench in Pune has drawn praise from one and all in Pune. However,when Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar proposed Shivajinagar godown area,the district administration went into a tizzy. The plan that was announced last year has not seen any progress. Reason? The district administration said that EVMs and CFC offices at the godown,there would be a chaos to have a bench at this place. They also gave an excuse of the upcoming 2014 elections. Litigants are being denied the facility as they would have to continue travelling to Mumbai for hearings.

A look at the book

Inviting a well-known personality as a chief guest for a function helps organisers attract publicity for the event and also gives them credit. However,this was not the case for an event where Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar was the chief guest to release a book on late chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh. There were two speeches by Congress leaders Ulhas Pawar and Harshvardhan Patil after the function and everything went as per the expectations of organisers. Things changed when Pawar said the book had nothing special. “The book seems merely a compilation of essays written on Vilasrao Deshmukh and there is nothing much in it. The book should have highlighted the unknown facts and achievements of Deshmukh,” he said. Deshmukh was a state leader and there was much about him that could have been included in the book,Pawar added. (Sushant,Atikh,Nisha,Ajay)