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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rediscovering Cityscapes

A picture of a mirror seller sitting with his wares in the crowded bylanes of Tulshibaug.

Written by Rohan Swamy | Published: September 18, 2012 5:02:05 am

A picture of a mirror seller sitting with his wares in the crowded bylanes of Tulshibaug. The elephant stables of Hampi or the mesmerizing beauty of the Dal lake with the picturesque mountains in the background. A vegetable seller from the Pune’s Shivaji Market. Clicked or painted by the expats,these were some of the pictures that were on display at WOW India,a painting and photo exhibition organised by Pune Expat Club (PEC) at Ista Hotel,Nagar Road. Through the exhibition,which was held on Sunday,PEC encourages expats to either take pictures or make paintings of their interpretations of the country and the city,which in turn is used to assist NGOs in the city through the funds that are generated from the exhibition.

Featuring a total of 65 artistes and photographers from USA,UK,Germany,Korea,Spain,Italy and even Brazil,and Iran,the third edition of the day-long exhibition,saw a turnout of around 700,which also helped PEC raise Rs 75,000 as charity for the NGO Muskaan Foundation.

“The pictures that were on display gave a fresh view to the traditional places in the city. It also gave amateur photographers and painters a chance to not just showcase their works but also sell it for a worthwhile cause,” says Preeti Roongta,co-founder of the Pune Expat Club.

The ratio as Roongta describes was 60:40 in favour of photos compared to paintings. Some of the paintings at the exhibition,were made by the students of Mercedes Benz International School and RIMS International School.

Exhibitions like these,says Roongta,helps the expats to settle down in the country and in Pune easily. “When they come to the country,they are in for a cultural shock owing to the difference of cultures and even the language and the social structure. Through WOW,we encouraged them to explore the city through their own means,break their stereotypical ideas of India and in the process discover a new India for themselves,” she says.

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