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Ray of Music

After launching ‘Tunes from the Big Belly’, Chennai-based Indie Rock band,Shakey Rays is all set to work on their next album that deals with social obligations

After launching ‘Tunes from the Big Belly’,

Chennai-based Indie Rock band,Shakey Rays is all set to work on their next album that deals with social obligations

“Each band has its own vision. It’s not about which genre of music you are playing,it’s about playing the music with a passion that comes from within,” says Dhruva Gautam,singer,guitarist and songwriter of the Chennai-based quartet,Shakey Rays. The other three members are Iuni Yooni,bass,Niranjan Swaminathan,drums,and Vikram Khanna,who like Dhruva,is the singer,guitarist and songwirter.

The members laugh off the curiosity their name Shakey Rays arises. “We were just sitting around throwing random names at each other when we came up with Shakey. It is a standard in rhythm and blues. Rays,well,we feel like rays. And besides,rays goes well with Shakey,it has a ring to it,” chuckles Gautam. All set for their debut performance in the city tonight at Hard Rock Cafe,Koregaon Park,the foursome look forward to giving their best shot at pleasing the difficult-to-judge Pune audience. “Everyone has a different opinion about the Pune audience,we just want to go out there with an open mind and make sure our audiences have a rocking time,” says Niranjan Swaminathan. “Our music is more about rhythm and blues,which sometimes even gets aggressive with loud guitar performances,” he adds.


The band was formed a little over a year ago,though Gautam and Khanna go back a long time. “We were school mates. We grew up together,we learnt to play together,we found our passion for music together,” says Khanna. The two still sit down together for song writing sessions. “We come up with an idea and then sit down and figure out a way to give it a musical direction. We don’t always agree on same subjects,we have our difference of opinion but that’s what makes this process more interesting and fun,” says Gautam.

Their latest album titled ‘Tunes from the Big Belly’ has songs about contemporary urban life and the little intricacies of it. While some of their songs talk about the hullabaloo caused when one gets caught by a cop for roaming aimlessly on the streets late at night caused by their unexplainable insomnia,another dismisses moral policing and moral schools. “My favourite song so far is ‘Queen Bee of the Radio’. It deals with our mid-night fantasies about item girls,” says Gautam,as he quickly adds with a serious expression,”We have very strong perspectives about the things that happen with us or around us. Our songs project our views.”

The band is working on their second album which is untitled as of now. They plan on dishing out some singles in their gigs during the next few weeks before they release their album. “This time,we’ve put in all our ideas about social obligations. Some we cannot escape without putting on that fake plastic smile and some we loathe too much to even think about,but none the less,we are obliged to go through them. The next album is going to be about all our different views on this subject mostly,” reveals Gautam.

(Shakey Rays will be performing at Hard Rock Cafe today at 8.30 pm onwards)