Pune one of the most pocket-friendly places for an evening out

While Puneites may complain about the perpetually rising cost of living in the city,some travel sites don’t seem to think so.

Written by Garima Mishra | Pune | Published: July 17, 2013 2:46:27 am

While Puneites may complain about the perpetually rising cost of living in the city,some travel sites don’t seem to think so. According to their travel price index,Pune is a far less expensive a place to hang out compared to other major cities.

One such travel price index,released by travel site TripAdvisor recently in its third edition of annual TripIndex,determines the cost for an evening out for a couple in the country’s eight major cities — Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkata,Chennai,Bangalore,Ahmedabad,Hyderabad and Pune.

The TripIndex tracks the cost for a taxi ride,a pre-meal drink,dinner and one night’s accommodation in these destinations. At Rs 10,115 for a night out for two,Kolkata,popularly known as the City of Joy,is the most expensive city. Meanwhile,at Rs 6,406 Ahemadabad is the most budget-friendly city. The figure stands at Rs 7,749 in the case of Pune.

The prices were collected through a variety of research methods and includes a room for two in a four-star hotel,beer for two at a mid-range restaurant,dinner for two (two courses and a bottle of wine) and return taxi transportation (two taxi journeys of two kilometres each).

According to this index,stays at hotels in Pune are light on the pocket,with an average hotel room costing of Rs 5,230. This makes accommodations in Mumbai over 1.4 times higher than Pune at Rs 7,580. Other costs in Pune tracked by the index include Rs 126 for taxi,Rs 2,053 for dinner and Rs 340 for beer.

Nikhil Ganju,Country Manager of TripAdvisor India,said,“TripIndex is an useful reference for travellers to plan their tour budget and helps them get an estimate on how far their money will take them while travelling to any of the main major cities in the country,for leisure or work.”

Ganju added that the index sees Kolkata taking the mantle of being the most expensive cosmopolitan city besides Mumbai,though with a nominal difference.

The hotel room rates,he said,have seen a fall across all cities compared to last year,making the overall TripIndex cost more economical,in all eight metros,than 2012.

Twenty-five-year-old Akshita Agarwal,who belongs to Pune but shifted to Hyderabad a year ago,disagrees with the index figures. Akshita,who has been living with her husband in Hyderabad for the past year,feels that an outing for a couple in Pune is more expensive than Hyderabad.

“Pune is a cosmopolitan city; the IT and retail sectors are booming here currently,which is not the case in Pune. I visited Pune in June and felt the pinch of the soaring prices when I went out with my husband,” she says.

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