Promotion of Maratha culture enters high-tech map

Promotion of Maratha culture enters high-tech map

Android app on forts of Maharashtra and website detailing exploits of Sambhaji Maharaj to be launched today.

Technology has entered the list of means to promote the Maratha culture. Amid exhibitions on Maratha art and culture and tours to forts to keep memories of the erstwhile Maratha empire alive in people,a group is promoting it further through technology.

On Friday,it will release an android application on forts of Maharashtra,and launch a website detailing exploits of Maratha king Sambhaji Maharaj. In addition to this,a three-day exhibition of artefacts from the armoury of the erstwhile Maratha empire will be showcased at Balgandharva Art Gallery.

These events for part of the celebrations of Sambhaji Maharaj’s 356th birth anniversary. Sambhaji was born at Purandhar fort in Pune.

Speaking about the website,Omkar Jagdale,who developed both the webpage and the android application,says,“The work on the website began about four years back. Data collection was a major problem.” The website,,will feature information from 1650 to 1689. Chhatrapati Shivaji’s reign ended with his death in 1680,and Sambhaji had taken over.


Jagdale adds,“There are English and Dutch records of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Sambhaji Maharaj. There are also letters written by them,rare documents and even paintings from that period. In addition to this,there are three books Sambhaji Maharaj wrote when he was aged between 15 and 19 years. The scanned copies of these books will be up on the webpage along with their English translations.”

The android application ‘The incredible Forts of Sahydaris’ has information on all forts of Maharashtra. “There are digital maps and information about over 350 forts in the state. The application is ready and the demo unit will be on display at the exhibition on Friday. We are tweaking the application a bit,and it will be available in about two weeks. Also,we are working on the iPhone version of the application,which will come out in a couple of weeks,” he adds.

The exhibition of arms from the Maratha period is the first being conducted indoors in the city and are all from the collection of arms collector Girish Jadhav. On May 14 there will be a display of a rare oil painting of Sambhaji Maharaj,which has been specially bought from the British Library. The painting,which has never been exhibited earlier in the city,was made around 1675 when Sambhaji was visiting the neighbouring Qutubshahi kingdom.

The android app will be launched by Pramod Mande,an authority on forts,and the website will be launched by astronomer Prakash Tupe on Friday.