Political Moves; Cong view: Party worker’s son should remain party worker

On February 8,Congress leaders had called a press conference to announce the manifesto which was to be declared the next day.

Written by Express News Service | Published: February 16, 2012 4:11:08 am

Cong view: Party worker’s son should remain party worker

On February 8,Congress leaders had called a press conference to announce the manifesto which was to be declared the next day. A reporter pointed out that the Congress list was dominated by relatives of MLAs and sitting corporators,to which,one of the Congress leaders replied,”A doctor’s son becomes doctor. An engineer’s son prefers to become an engineer. On similar lines,what is wrong if a politician’s son decides to become a politician?” The timely reply of the reporter was – that means a common party worker’s son should remain a party worker. While the comment was backed by laughter,the party leaders made up for it by adding,”Even leaders are party workers.”

Couplets a favourite with leaders

Political sabhas are the best places to test literary skills. With netas depending heavily on their skills to pull crowds,RPI chief Ramdas Athavale who has joined the saffron alliance was at his wittiest best on the last day of campaigning. With a catchy,Jau de raj,pan rahu de mazyha var haath” (Let it go Raj,but keep the hand on me) Athavale put forth his point on the dais after having joined the saffron alliance making reference to Raj Thackeray who has broken away from his uncle to form the MNS. He went on to add,that Kalmadi from Congress is my friend,Pawar has taught me,but let me grow with the saffron alliance.

Pawar “power”

It was all about Pawar and his “power”. That was what came through almost at all press conferences of saffron alliances that made political digs at the uncle and the nephew. One handles power at the Centre and the other handles money and power portfolios in the state was among the favourite lines used by the key leaders who took on Pawar.

No rest for candidates

There is no rest for candidates ahead of poll day. Even as the faithful offered prayers,for candidates in most panels the main issue was how to get voters to booths. While almost all parties have been deciphering the voters’ list and trying to help people find their names,a unique mode was adopted by Pune Nagrik Sanghatana candidate Siddhartha Roy,a mechanical engineer. “No time to relax today. For the last four days we have had sleepless nights just writing voting slips manually by helping people locate their names according to the areas they live in. We have been searching names in our areas and clubbing them according to the right names and places in Aundh and Balewadi,” says Roy.

Batting power

As soon as a vehicle passed by his residence,this 15-year-old boy ran after it in Kasarwadi after 5 pm on Tuesday. I want the bat…I want the bat,he shouted. The vehicle sped away and the boy returned home only to tell his parents not to vote for the “batwallah” candidate. His father then went out in search of the vehicle. After sometime,he came with the two bats in hand only to tell his wife. “Let’s vote for the batsman…At least he is playing with a straight bat.” Nodding her head,his wife said,”Let’s field for him as well…”

(Contributed by Pranav Kulkarni,Nisha Nambiar,Anuradha Mascarenhas and Manoj More)

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