Peak hour restrictions on cars likely

Peak hour restrictions on cars likely

Traffic cops will patrol Hinjewadi area at night and post two personnel in Hinjewadi area at night.

Action has been taken against 5,000 vehicles flouting parking rules in seven days: Minister. ( Source: Express archive )
Action has been taken against 5,000 vehicles flouting parking rules in seven days: Minister. ( Source: Express archive )

After taking action against 5,000 vehicles for flouting parking norms, Pune traffic police is embarking on a  move to restrict cars and other four-wheelers, except PMPML buses, in core city areas to reduce traffic snarls.

At the same, traffic police will provide night patrolling for the first time in Hinjewadi area to deter miscreants from giving lifts to passengers and robbing them.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Sarang Awhad on Saturday told Newsline that they received some suggestions from commuter organisations regarding banning of vehicles, especially cars, from core city areas during peak hours. “We are considering the suggestions and would soon take a decision,” Awhad said.

Awhad said the suggestions include allowing parking away from core areas like Laxmi Road and Kumthekar Road so that traffic snarls could be avoided and shoppers’ movement would not be affected. “We are working on the plan,” he said.


Prashant Inamdar of Pedestrians First, which raised the demand with traffic police last year too, said, “If traffic police implement the plan, it will decongest core city areas. Our suggestion is that cars be not allowed in peak evening hours say from 5 pm to 9 pm in highly congested core areas,” he said.

Inamdar said that on Laxmi Road, cars should be banned from Belbaug chowk to Umbrya Ganpati chowk. “Similarly it should be done on Shivaji Road or Bajirao Road. There is no need for a ban on the entire road, part of the road could be considered,” he said. “If parking lots are provided away from core city areas, owners can park vehicles at a distance and walk to the shopping area,” he said, adding that a proper policy is required to implement such measures.

In another development, traffic police from Sunday will post two traffic personnel at night in Hinjewadi area. “The cops will be tasked to patrol Hinjewadi and check vehicles. We will provide them a vehicle to move around the area,” said Awhad.

Hinjewadi area during night time has become a nightmare for travellers with several incidents of looting and beating of passengers reported frequently in past three-four years.

Awhad said they have taken action against 5,000 vehicles flouting parking rules in the past seven days. “The action has been taken on 10 prominent roads where vehicles have been found parked in no-parking zone, wrongly parked or where drivers were sitting in the vehicle…Even in Pimpri Camp we have taken action,” he said.

Denying that traffic police was targeting citizens, especially when the festival season was set to begin, Awhad said, “We are carrying out both rule enforcement and regulation of traffic. We have already sent a message to citizens that they should not violate traffic norms. Our police personnel have become alert. There is no intention of targeting citizens, we will provide intelligence inputs for improving traffic in the city,” he said.

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