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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Partying Shot

Here’s a look at how much youngsters in the city are willing to shell out at nightclubs

Written by Anajli Jhangiani | Published: August 27, 2013 4:52:43 am

For 23-year-old Ankit Agarwal,who has just started his career as a building contractor in the city,weekends come with no compromise. Come what may,he and his gang of friends,who have just entered the corporate world,go out partying every Saturday night. A surge of high-end nightclubs in the city have spoiled these youngsters for choice,luring them in with full cover charge.

Agarwal says the wee hours of Sunday are generally spent figuring out how much each one in his group of eight has to pitch in towards the expenses incurred during the night. A bill of Rs 30,000-40,000 is the usual deal. “We have to pay Rs 2,000 as cover charge for a couple at clubs such as KueBar and Mi A Mi,but it also gets us full cover. For extra drinks and small bites,it costs us another Rs 1,000. On an average,I spend around Rs 3,000 every Saturday,which is a comfortable deal for me,” says Agarwal.

As an entrepreneur,his earnings sometimes vary on a monthly basis,which in turn,defines the amount he manages to set aside as savings,but what remains constant is the vigour with which he parties.

Popular nightclubs in the city see a crowd of 600-700 young party enthusiasts every Saturday night,where as the recent addition to the party scene,Penthouze,manages to play host to approximately 400 people.

“We have kept entry charges to Rs 1,000 per couple and drinks inside the bar are also fairly priced. So on an average,a youngster would spend around Rs 1,500-2,500 on a Saturday night,” says Jonathan Evangelos,Marketing Manager,Penthouze. At many other nightclubs,however,entry charge is all that these youngsters spend on. “The cover charge would easily include five to six drinks,which is usually enough for a night. On Saturdays,we don’t have any guest lists or free entries,we charge everyone,” say Piyush Deshmukh,Assistant Food and Beverage Manager,The Westin,KueBar.

Twenty one-year-old Abhir Agarwal,another party enthusiast,is still to start earning,but nonetheless,his pocket money suffices for his weekend thrills. “I get a fixed amount of Rs 10,000 a month from my dad as pocket money. As long as I manage to handle my expenses for the entire month and do not pester him for more cash two weeks after they hand me my pocket money,he is fine with how much I spend in partying,” says Abhir,who is pursuing third-year BBA at Ness Wadia College. An average Saturday night costs him Rs 2,000,but when there is a reason to celebrate or a mood for extravagance,he says he ends up with a hole in his pocket on Sunday morning.

“Where we party depends on our mood,which again is related to how much we spend. If we are in the mood for some serious dance floor action,we head to KueBar. But if we are in the mood to have drinks,we head to Stone Water Grill. Mi A Mi is reserved for special occasions when we feel indulgent enough to book the VIP area,which costs around Rs 60,000 for a group of 10 people,” says Abhir,who is eagerly looking forward to visiting Penthouze.

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