Parcel for Pune man explodes in Ahmednagar courier office, 2 hurt

Parcel for Pune man explodes in Ahmednagar courier office, 2 hurt

Was addressed to Sanjay Nahar, who runs a social organisation Sarhad in city. Nahar said he has received threats in the past and has also been provided police security twice.

The courier office in Ahmednagar blast case
The courier office in Ahmednagar.

TWO employees of a courier company were seriously injured after the content of a parcel exploded in their office in Ahmednagar late on Tuesday night. The package was addressed to Sanjay Nahar, a resident of Pune who runs a social organisation named Sarhad, said police. Sarhad works for the welfare of communities from conflict-hit border areas of the country.

The incident took place around 10 pm in the office of Shri Maruti Courier Company, located in Maliwada area in Ahmednagar city, said district police.

When a staffer, identified as Sandeep Bhujbal, opened a parcel, its content exploded, injuring him and another staffer, Sanjay Kshirsagar. Bhujbal and Kshirsagar were rushed to a nearby hospital, where they are undergoing treatment. Both Bhujbal and Kshirsagar sustained serious injuries, said police. Bhujbal sustained injuries on his face, limbs and chest.

Further probe has revealed that there was a letter addressed to Nahar inside the parcel, purportedly written by a woman.


The sender of the letter said she was a student of Sarhad College and was now working in Ahmednagar. The letter further said she had recorded a message for Nahar and the device had to be plugged in for charging, as it didn’t have enough battery.

As soon as the employee plugged in the device, it exploded. Police have recovered a metal pipe and white powder from the spot, which, along with the other evidence, have been sent for forensic analysis.

“A person came to the office of the courier company and handed over the parcel, which was packed like a gift box. It was addressed to Sanjay Nahar and the name of the sender was that of a woman. We have checked the details of the sender’s name, they turned out to be fake. The staffer, who was handling the package, said he opened it because he could hear a sound, like that of a radio, from inside. When he opened it, he saw a radio-like object with a speaker and a pipe, before it went off,” said Ranjan Kumar Sharma, superintendent of police, Ahmednagar district.

“We are in touch with Nahar and a team is working on possible leads from him. At this stage, we have not ruled out any possibility… it could be an act against national security or even an act of mischief,” he added.

Sources in the Ahmednagar District Police said teams from the state Anti-Terrorism Squad and intelligence agencies, including Military Intelligence, were in touch with them and information was being shared at all levels.

Police have also released a sketch of the person who delivered the package.

Nahar, 52, said he had been contacted by police and officials from other agencies. “I have replied to their questions. I hope that the probe brings out all the facts. My heart goes out to the persons who have been injured in the incident. Police officials have told me the the blast was so strong, I would not have survived it.”

Pune City Police officials said Nahar has been provided a security cover.

Nahar said he has received threats in the past and has also been provided police security twice, based on threat perceptions and certain events at the time. The security cover was later removed on Nahar’s request.