On Cloud Nine

With his new film Cloud Atlas that releases on Friday,Hollywood actor Tom Hanks is sure of finding more audiences in India.

Written by Dipti Nagpaul D'souza | Published: October 24, 2012 1:53:02 am

With his new film Cloud Atlas that releases on Friday,Hollywood actor Tom Hanks is sure of finding more audiences in India

The great thing about being an actor is you get to hang with really talented,funny,driven,competitive actors,who raise your game.” This,says actor Tom Hanks,was a key factor in his decision to be part of the upcoming film Cloud Atlas,which is releasing worldwide on Friday. However,this wasn’t the only factor.

The film,which has been directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer,explains the Academy Award-winning actor,is an adaptation of British author David Mitchell’s 2004 book by the same name. Every action has a reaction. This simple and obvious statement forms the theme of Cloud Atlas.

Written in a non-linear structure with six connected stories,the book begins with the character of Adam Ewing,who is shipwrecked and stranded at Pacific Islands in 1850. There,he is poisoned by a doctor,who wants to steal his money. While the story ends here,it also marks the beginning of the next — as it demonstrates Ewing’s tale as one from a diary that is placed on its patron’s bookshelf. Subsequently,four more stories follow,each with its own protagonist.

“I asked myself: what is history but countless moments like this strung together,and what is the human condition but a series of decisions you have to make. I had to sit down with Lana,Andy and Tom to understand what they were trying to convey. Only then did I make up my mind about doing the film,” explains the actor,adding that he attempted to read the book but was forced to put it aside due to other commitments.

While in the book,the last one ties all the stories together,its film adaptation has another common thread — the key protagonists in each story are played by the same set of actors,including other Academy Award-winners,Halle Berry and Hugh grant.

Hanks,who first found acclaim in the Indian subcontinent with his 1994 film Forrest Gump,has since been considered one of the most talented Hollywood actors,with several of his films such as Apollo 13,Green Mile,Cast Away and The Terminal finding both critical and box-office success in India.

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