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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Officials cry hoarse as glitches mar ambitious project

“I have come thrice here and, every time, officials are either busy or they turn us away from outside"

Written by Nisha Nambiar | Pune | Published: March 25, 2016 9:58:26 am
For the last two weeks, S  Chavan, a retired government official, has been making the rounds of the Katraj talathi’s office, only to be told officials are busy with the online mutation entry work, so he has to wait. Chavan wanted his name on the 7 by 12 extracts form as the society had formed a condominium and the minor work of changing the names on the document was turned down by officials. “I have come thrice here and, every time, officials are either busy or they turn us away from outside,” said Chavan.
Samhita Bandopadhyay, an IT professional, who had to get her mutation entries done, was turned back from the Haveli office too. “Without any notice, they pull down the shutters to finish their work. Officials do not even answer our queries,” she said.
With an April 1 deadline for online mutation entries, officials at more than 20 talathi offices in the district are busy doing the data entry work even as they are aware they won’t be able to meet the deadline.
It’s not just people who are complaining of harassment because of the online work. Officials doing it too feel the online mutation work is of no use and manual mutation of revenue documents and 7 by 12 extracts should continue.
An official from Bhor taluka pointed out that there were several problems in the online software and, these being important documents, should be available both manually and as well as online. “If any entry is incorrect, then there is bound to be a problem,” he cautioned.
Officials cited multiple problems in the e-mutation documents, where proposed changes and upgradation, which were to be reflected in the online database, were taking time due to poor connectivity and wrong entries. Talathis all across the state have mentioned that they cannot be targeted for these mistakes as they face several technical problems while making online data entries. The digitisation of most revenue departments needs strong internet support and server capacity for completion of documentation work. Unlike a basic text document, the 7/12 receipts are valuable, hence its digital size is also very high. Such heavy documents take longer time for processing and, if server fails or network is lost, it leads to repetition of work and the volume is so huge, this ambitious project just does not seem practical,” another official said.
“We are objecting to it on the ground that slow speed and time-consuming procedure are affecting their efficiency and so they should be allowed to do manual changes on 7/12 receipts. The state government has currently stopped the manual processing of documents due to which talathis and customers are facing inconvenience,” said another official from Velhe office.

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