Now, an app that tracks call drops

Now, an app that tracks call drops

Pune-based HR professional Amol Dhar feels that the idea of the mobile app that tracks call drops is the need of the hour.

Just like millions of mobile users, city-based businessman Gajanan Sakhare was regularly irritated by call drops. But instead, he decided to do something about it.

“Instead of just cursing the mobile operators, I decided to build an app to help me track the call drops that would help me decide if I should change my operator or report the call drops to the mobile operator or even validate the compensation they give me,” says Sakhare, founder and CEO of Smartcloud Infotech Pvt Ltd.


The free-to-download app is called ‘Know Your Android! – Call Drop’ and claims to be a tool to record and report call drops. And this is how it works – when there is a probable call drop, a pop up comes and ask you to confirm if you want to add this to the call drop monitor. If you say yes, the call gets added to the call drop monitor log of your phone. You can then retrieve daily, weekly or monthly call drop scores which you can share with friends and family on Facebook or Twitter.

“The biggest advantage is when you get your monthly bill and if the operator has not paid you correct penalty for call drops as prescribed by TRAI, you can actually take these records from the app and approach the operator for correct compensation,” Sakhare says.


Recollecting how the idea of the mobile app was conceived, Sakhare says that his job requires him to be available on his mobile phone most of the time. However, for the last few months, he was getting increasingly frustrated due to the high number of call drops.

“When TRAI made it mandatory for mobile service providers to compensate subscribers for calls dropped or automatically disconnected due to technical glitches in their network, I felt relieved thinking that it would improve their services. But then who decides if it was a call drop or not-of course operators. So it is like you are the match referee in your own match! That’s where this idea of building a call drop monitor struck. We did some experiments and realised that android has a way to identify to a large extent if the call drop is due to signal strength or not. And that’s what we used,” Sakhare explains, adding that the app would not only increase awareness about call drops, but also address the issue in the long run.

Pune-based HR professional Amol Dhar feels that the idea of the mobile app that tracks call drops is the need of the hour.

“The idea seems innovative and relevant. Through newspapers and news channels, I had the idea about TRAI addressing call drops. Personally too, I have been
facing instances of call drops for months now but due to my busy schedule, I did not bother to complain to the customer care,” he says.

“I would surely like to download such an app and access the reality of call drop myself,” he added.