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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Noble Jam

Art Jam will bring together musicians and artists in a unique,free-flowing animal welfare fundraiser.

Written by Shruti Nambiar | Published: April 2, 2012 1:10:13 am

Art Jam will bring together musicians and artists in a unique,free-flowing animal welfare fundraiser.

A fundraiser that is a confluence of art,music and awareness-building needn’t try too hard to be fun. Art Jam has decided to be just that. This two-day event will bring together artists for an exhibition of their works; patch up together impromptu acoustic jams featuring musicians from the city and beyond; and raise awareness and funds for a cause. The event has been conceptualised and given shape by Barking Dog Studio,and the proceeds will be directed to the three NGOs working to help stray animals in the city – The Blue Cross Society,ResQ,and the recently-formed,Animal Friends Pune. “It’s like the coming together of a community of artists who want to contribute with their skills,” says Behram Sidhwa,one of the organisers.

The two day jam will unfold on April 14 and 15,between 5pm and 9pm. Though the specifics of the event are still being finalised,the general idea of the happenings has been put in place. It will hold fort at The Flour Works,a European-style bakery located in Kalyaninagar. Five artists will showcase their works as part of the fundraiser. In keeping with the free-spiritedness of the whole enterprise,the works travel a range of media and themes. On display will be the art works of Nikki (Amolika) Oberoi,Cy Wadia,Santanu Borah,Ketaki Pimpalkhare and Sanjay Yamgar. Every artist will have close to five of his/her creations up.

Borah will present his collection titled Hallucin/Hybrid at the event. The mix media exhibits will dwell on how the bio-technologically superior world today may end up fusing the identities of man and machine. “It is an imaginary,maybe poetic reflection on what the future could be,” he says. For him,this exhibition is a sort of “culmination” of the artistic journey he has undertaken. He recently ended a long stint as a journalist and decided to pick up painting as a full-time passion when a coveted validation came his way. “The prestigious Karin Weber Gallery,Hong Kong,picked me as one of their representative artists. That was when I decided it was the right time to take a break,and to fully focus on art. Now I have the liberty and the luxury to do what I want,” he says. Borah prefers to work with liquid-based media,is not particularly keen on oils,and for the most part eschews brushes in favour of spray cans.

The creative mix of artists and an emphasis on impromptu activities was a deliberate effort by the organisers to retain fun as the event’s peg. “The event has now grown and included five artists. It has taken up a life of its own,” says Ranjan Rajgopal of Animal Friends Pune. The recently-registered NGO has been formed to fortify and fill the gaps in the work already being done by animal welfare NGOs in the city. “There is a lot of scope for activity here. We want to help disseminate information about strays,like what to do with them when you find them. There are no animal incinerators in the city,so people don’t know what to do with dead animals. We also want to serve as a platform for other NGOs to raise funds,” says Rajgopal.

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