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Friday, July 20, 2018

No clowning here: Circus artiste builds cooler from scrap

As mercury rises,Ali’s innovation not only gives him respite but also makes him popular among fellow artistes.

Written by Garima Mishra | Published: May 18, 2013 2:50:45 am

Necessity is the mother of invention.

About a month ago when the temperature rose above 40 degrees Celsius,Rambo Circus clown Saifan Ali built an air cooler from scrap that he found in the circus electrician’s unused heap of old gadgets.

Impressed by his handiwork,other artistes at the circus also want him to make them similar ones.

Speaking to Newsline,Ali recalls the day when he approached the circus electrician and requested him to share some unwanted electrical devices that he noticed lying around. Amongst the heap of devices,Ali found a small fan that worked on battery. He went back to his tent and built himself a little cooler out of this fan,some pieces of cloth,four bamboo sticks,a bottle of water and a pipe generally used in an aquarium.

He pitched the four bamboo sticks in one corner of his tent,forming a square,and wrapped the thin piece of cloth around them. He then placed the battery-run fan in the centre of this structure.

“I hung a two-litre water bottle on one side of this structure and made a small hole at the bottom of the bottle. I fixed a thin pipe,generally used in an aquarium,to this bottle through the pore and then wrapped the pipe around in such a manner so it covers the entire lenth of the cloth. The water kept dripping from the bottle,making the cloth on the front portion of structure wet,” Ali said. This keeps the air cool and gives him some relief from the seering summer heat.

The circus owner,Sujit Dilip,is all praises for Ali. “Four years ago,Ali fel from his horse and was injured. His X-Ray report revealed that he was not just a dwarf,but a miniature,in which case a person is even smaller than dwarfs.

“What impressed me most was Ali defies allo odds and comes up with this ingenious idea. Sometimes he cries while talking about his height. But I tell him,‘If I had your talent I won’t mind being short too’,” says Dilip.

Ali dropped out of school after Class V. But,his knack in instruments and machines is overwhelming. “A lot of my fellow artistes have asked me to build for similar ‘coolers’ for their tents. But the machine I used is not easily available.It is generally found in Delhi and called gulvar in Hindi,” he explained. Although the entire thing was built from scraps,the aquarium pipe he bought from a shop for Rs 10.

This 34-year-old circus artiste has been performing with the Rambo Circus troupe for the past 13 years. Although,he has got his own house in Pimpri-Chinchwad area,he mostly stays here. “My mother runs a vegetable stall back in Pimpri. I help her out when I go home,” he added,with a smile.

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