NGO claims lacunae in draft Development Plan

NGO claims lacunae in draft Development Plan

Says urban planning norms flouted

Pointing out serious lacunae in various studies undertaken by PMC to prepare the draft Development Plan,city-based organisation Parisar has alleged that several urban planning norms were flouted in drafting the DP for the old part of the city.

In its 30-page report on suggestions and objections,the organisation has highlighted serious lacunae and mistakes in Existing Land Use (ELU) Study ,Demographic Study,Housing Study and Transport Study conducted by the civic administration.

“In any case,none of these studies were taken into account while making provisions in the DP. Thus,most of the proposals are arbitrary and without any basis,” said Ranjit Gadgil of Parisar.

The city has dearth of basic civic amenities such as open spaces,playgrounds,post offices,police stations etc,yet the plan has made no provisions for them,added Gadgil.


“Though cluster development has been proposed,supposedly to address the issue of dilapidated structures,no data is available on such structures (sector-wise),the number of tenants and the issues these structures are facing,” he said,adding that the ELU was supposed to collect all this information,which is not mentioned in the draft.

The ELU also has glaring errors such as displaying the SNDT Canal Road as a water body and missing Raja Ram bridge.

According to Parisar,the draft DP has ignored the Comprehensive Mobility Plan and instead made provisions for more roads,road-widening,flyovers and tunnels,changed alignment of the HCMTR,all without conducting any studies. Unlike the 1987 Development Plan,there is no proposal for cycle track network.

“Since the 1987 DP has only been partially implemented,new DP should only be implemented after proper studies and public scrutiny. PMC should appoint a consultant,just as Mumbai has done. Passing this plan in a rush will create huge problems in the future,” said Gadgil.