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Colours,by Pune-based music directors Sachin Purohit and Abhijeet Kauthalkar,will bring together the singing styles of seven vocalists

Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: April 4, 2012 2:00:46 am

Colours,by Pune-based music directors Sachin Purohit and Abhijeet Kauthalkar,will bring together the singing styles of seven vocalists

The music album Colours is described as a combination of “vivid genres”. Set to launch in Pune on Thursday,April 5,the album is an attempt by Pune-based music directors,Sachin Purohit and Abhijeet Kauthalkar,to present a multi-genre musical compilation. “In the late 90s,we saw a lot of such combinations,but no one has come up with this in a long while. We wanted to present a mixed bag and so we approached these singers,for they are masters in their particular genres,” says Purohit. Roped in for the album were singers Hariharan,Roop Kumar Rathod,Usha Uthup,Kavita Seth,Shilpa Roa,Labh Janjua and Tarun Sagar.

In the compilation,each artist will present one song that reflects his/her style of singing. But Purohit describes the album as a composer’s album. “We started working on this concept a year back. We approached the artists with songs and made sure they liked what we were presenting. In fact,it was the song that made them choose this project.”

Seven tracks line the play-list for Colours. There is a jazz number – Badmash Raat Ke Taare – sung by Uthup. “Usha ji was so happy with it that she even wrote an English version of the same. We decided to include a part of it at the end of the song,” adds Purohit. Other tracks on the list are Seth’s sufi number,Roothe Raho Na and Tere Nainon Ne Jadu Kita,by Rathod. While most songs have been written by Marathi actor Jitendra Joshi,Purohit has contributed the lyrics for two tracks. Seth,known for her sufi renditions,chose to work for the album primarily because of the song. “I always like music that is written well. I love the lyrics for this track and I am glad I am a part of this initiative. It also helps us artists to work together and interact better,” she says.

While Purohit comes from a classical music background,music director Kauthalkar’s experience is rooted in popular music. “It was this difference that helped us form a balance,” says Purohit,who is also producing the album. “Not many music companies showed interest in this. I knew I can market this well and so decided to produce it. This is the first time I am doing something like this. But we have a lot of things planned as far as promoting the music goes.”

On the promotional cards are various activities like a multi-city launch,social networking and online availability of tracks. They have also launched ring-tones and online download of songs. “We are also conducting road shows where floats will be carried through the city. There will be like a white wall where people can come and write anything related to music. The idea is to convey that the album talks about music’s varied flavours.”

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