Monsoon Calling

Monsoon Calling

Ponchos,floral printed umberellas,windcheaters and multipurpose rain suits,youngsters are opting for colourful options to meet the rains

Ponchos,floral printed umberellas,windcheaters and multipurpose rain suits,youngsters are opting for colourful options to meet the rains

The rain Gods may have just begun to smile on the city but that has not stopped youngsters from going all out to stack up on their rain protection gear. Right from retro looking polka dotted umbrellas to floral and pastel coloured jackets and coats,they are sizing up all possible options to not just meet the demands of staying dry but also look stylish.

Take the case of 18-year-old Kavita Brahme from S P College. While her monsoon shopping consists of a brand new waterproof bag,it is her umbrella that she takes special pride in. “It is polka dotted,” she exclaims happily,adding,“I do carry a long frock coat to keep the rains at bay along with the waterproof bag but the umbrella is undoubtedly my favourite.”

While girls have options to pick and choose from,ranging from ponchos to frock coats and umbrellas to waist jackets,boys are usually limited with their options. “Most of the men buy rain suits,which includes waterproof pants as well as the jacket. It is a big hit with people owing to the huge number of students using two-wheelers to commute. They not only provide adequate protection from the rains but also ensure that the trousers do not get dirty owing to mud sprays,”says H P Mehta owner of P D Brothers at Laxmi Road,a store that is dedicated to selling rainwear.


Windcheaters however are not just an iconic symbol of style but are also adequate on the function. Making use of materials like PVC,nylon,Polyurethane they have been a favourite during the rains. For most students as Mehta points out,they provide a non-hassle free option to travel during the rains.

“Fifty per cent of the students coming here prefer buying windcheaters rather than umbrellas,however gumboots have also become popular among the college going students”,says P.R Chandekar,owner of A-1 Cloth Centre in Tushibaug. On the other hand Prashang Shah,who owns the Seasonal House in the old city says that ponchos are also becoming popular. “They are not very expensive and can be easily carried around. Also they come in different prints,which make them very popular with girls,” he says.

Another student,Patik Saha,is of the opinion that multipurpose jackets also serve an important purpose. “They can be used during the rains when it is not pouring heavily. As they have a thick cotton lining they can also be used during the winters,” she says.

Incidentally most of these coloured rainwear options cost anything from Rs 500 to Rs 1500. Local brands sell a lot owing to their price tags. However places like Nike,Westside,Shopper Stop and Central too have a well-stocked range for beating the rains. The only flipside being the cost,which is generally above Rs 1800.

As far as umbrellas are concerned the three-way folding ones and the ones with curved handles are very popular. “Students either buy the three-fold umbrellas which they can easily put inside their bag when not in use or else they buy the ones with crook handles,so that they can hang it up in their bags,” says another seller in the Deccan area who goes by her second name,Pathaskar. She does mention that the most popular ones are the ones with designs on them and in bright colours.

Adding to that TYBA student Aditya Kulkarni says that half sleeve jackets are a personal favourite for him. “I prefer bright fluorescent colors like orange,green and yellow because they not only makes a style statement but also act as a precautionary measure during night-time to prevent accidents,” he says.