Monitoring empty spaces: Will PCMC wake up?

Monitoring empty spaces: Will PCMC wake up?

In the fast changing development scenario in Pimpri-Chinchwad,officials of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation are forgetting children,the future generations.

In the fast changing development scenario in Pimpri-Chinchwad,officials of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation are forgetting children,the future generations. The way PCMC is allowing construction activity to flourish,it seems the day is not far when the children will have no playgrounds available. But the sad part is whereever there is space,the PCMC is not utilising it properly. The open grounds are generally misused. For instance,there is is an empty ground nearby your society. If you send your child,you never know,what they might do there.

Fights become common. Sports gives out extra negative energy,and fills youth with positive energy. But this is only possible if some elderly guidance is available. For this,here are a few suggestions.

* Discipline,unity,healthy competitive nature developing are the major points expected in any sport,which is possible only when the activity gets executed under close monitoring,i.e. under coach’s guidance.

* Games like,lawn tennis ,badminton,skating,football,can be taught and developed by employing a coach or by giving it on private contract basis in every area.


* PCMC can appoint a coach in the evening time from 5 to 9 pm ,whom parents can pay Rs200 to 300 monthly,but each corporator should do a follow up of their respective area daily or 4/5 times a week.

* A small percentage of ground area should be kept free for these children and on rest of the ground,children who are not willing to pay can play.

* Children should be called by coach,in neat clean sports uniforms,shoes. So that they will learn to maintain discipline not only on ground while playing ,but they will learn about uniformity and oneness.

* Good drinking facility should be provided by PCMC at each sports ground.

* At least two toilets should be build in the ground to keep the area clean.

Sanjeevani Pandey

Open plots not dump yards
Despite having a proper garbage disposal system in place,some people prefer to dump the household waste and garbage in open plots close to their apartments.

In Maharashtra Housing Board (MHB) Colony,Yerawada there are two such open plots where people conveniently dump garbage. One plot — between Block M-34 and M-35 — which belongs to the Department of Post has a compound wall with a locked gate. Yet people throw garbage into the compound over the wall.

The second plot — next to the Educational Institutions complex of Genba Sopan Rao Moze Trust and Block H-17 — is being used as a dump yard for construction waste as well as garbage.

Can the Pune Municipal Corporation take steps to curb this practices as otherwise this could lead to the breakout of different diseases.

R Nambiar

PMC NMT cell’s initiatives laudable
We thank the PMC for hosting the Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) workshop,which was a very useful platform for NMT-related presentations,discussions and interactions with experts/participants from different cities as well as other countries.

We thank the PMC for being receptive to our views and suggestions. It is a matter of great satisfaction that NMT is now firmly on the PMC’s agenda. A lot needs to be done before Pune could become a pedestrian-friendly city and this cannot happen overnight. However,what is important is to make a beginning.

One such initiative was taken by ward offices last month when they identified five km of road each for making its footpaths walkable.

We hope every month new roads will be selected so that progressively all the footpaths in the city will get upgraded to a safe and usable status. There are ramps on footpaths,which cause hindrance to walking.


There should be a clearly defined checklist with supporting drawings to avoid missing out such points while carrying out the repair /modification work.

Prashant Inamdar
Pedestrians FIRST