Modi woos Pune youth with promise of modernisation of education

Modi woos Pune youth with promise of modernisation of education

I support modernisation of education,not Westernisation,says Gujarat Chief Minister

Trying to woo young voters ahead of the elections,Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that post independence,the education system in India had become a “money-making machine” from being a “man-making mission”,and listed out initiatives taken by his government in Gujarat as examples.

“I support modernisation of education,not Westernisation,” he said.

Modi,who was on a day’s visit to Pune,was addressing the city’s students after inaugurating the renovated century-old N M Wadia amphitheatre at Fergusson College.

In his speech,which he gave to a hall-full of intently listening youngsters,Modi laid special stress to education in the process of nation-building,even while criticising the Congress-led UPA’s policies and initiatives in this regard.

Speaking on the issue,Modi maintained that India needs modern education minus Westernization. “Building human resource through education is critical for nation building. Post-independence,governments played no role in the education system,” he said.


“India had the best education system in the form of gurukuls for centuries. The education system in the US gives scope for talents to grow. We should also modernise our education system…We need modernization,not Westernisation of our education system. I support modern education,but not blind aping of the West.”

Talking in the language of the youth,Modi said that before he came to the city,he had asked the youth,through social networking sites,what they expected him to talk about when he visited Pune and interacted with the students.

“I got 2,500 replies from all over India,but all with a common agenda. The youth are worried about issues concerned our nation,” he said.

Modi listed out some of the initiatives that the Gujarat government has taken in the field of education during his tenure as the CM. Modi spoke in detail about the Forensic Sciences University,Institutions for students who intend to join uniformed services.

He said,“Tomorrow,Congress will say that Modi lied when he said there are many institutions of forensic sciences. I am talking about a Forensic Sciences University. There is a difference. We have built an innovative institute to attract the best minds from across the country. We have requested Narayan Murthy to help us in this. He has started giving us time. Others want power,our aim is to empower.

“Why does India still have to import defence equipment with more money than what is needed to buy oil. How may institutes do we have that are dedicated solely to defence technologies?” he asked.

In an attempt to drive his point home,Modi said the government needs to spend more on higher education. “China prioritises education in its budget. But in India,we keep dreaming of seven per cent allocation for education,when we are perpetually stuck at four,” Modi pointed out.

“China has allotted 20 per cent of its GDP to education,as against India’s four per cent. At this time,we need to spend 25 per cent of GDP on education,” he added.