Metal Djentry

Metal Djentry

One of the giants in the contemporary global metal scene,Dutch band Textures is headed to the city for Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Textures has been hailed by Dutch magazine Oor as “the best band ever coming out of The Netherlands”. So,it does not come as a surprise that when Textures reached Indian shores in 2009 to play in Bangalore,they took an eager audience by storm — only to return the next year and give fans in Delhi the same treatment. Three years later,Textures is back in the country to headline the Pune edition of Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2013. They will perform on October 19.

“We were definitely surprised when we first reached India,since we didn’t expect to see so many people enthusiastic about metal,” says Stef Broks,Textures’ drummer,adding,“It is a shame that metal audience is so divided globally and has no means of knowing what’s brewing in another part of the world.” Broks adds,“Bands in Europe try to invent new sorts of rhythms using poly-rhythmic techniques,calling it progressive or Djent. But when we came to India and heard the Carnatic systems of rhythm,we realised you guys are way ahead of us.”

He says,“There is so much we can learn from each other — musically,mentally and socially.”

Comparing the Indian metal audience with that in Europe,Broks says,“On the enthusiasm front,the Indian audience stands out. The European audience has become spoiled for choice. There are 10 bands playing in most major cities in Europe,so they take the scene for granted. In India,we find ourselves back to the basics — full of enthusiasm for the music.”


Broks and Bart Hennephof are the only founding members left in the band,which has seen several line-up changes ever since it was formed. Over the years,the band has skillfully directed all the changes towards achieving a fresher sound. Textures inducted guitarist Joe Tal this year.

“The core of the band — me and Bart — is still the same. Both of us grew up together listening to U2,Dire Straits,Rage Against the Machine and all sorts of metal. We also share the same kind of songwriting,” says Broks,adding,“The other guys we had at

Textures always matched with the views we had,be it ex-vocalist Eric (Kalsbeek) in Drawing Circles and Silhouettes,or the new guys — Daniel de Jongh (vocals),Uri Dijk (keyboard) or the newest inductee,Tal.”

Speaking on their music that goes beyond labels and genres,Broks says,“As a matter of fact,when we started out,fans and the press had a really tough time trying to label us. The labeling started out with death,progressive,ambient and thrash. But then,we were later put in the box of Math-Metal along with bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah. But since the whole genre of poly-rhythms,eight-string guitars and ambient parts became a genre in itself,people started calling us one of the forefathers of the ‘Djent’ genre. Quite a compliment.”

He adds,“We have our style and do not really match up with Djent entirely. Textures goes way beyond that.”