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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Love Thy Family

What does one expect from the Barjatyas? Of course a family drama,high on histrionics,emotion and comedy.

Written by PriyankaPereira | Published: March 16, 2012 3:18:54 am

What’s it about?

What does one expect from the Barjatyas? Of course a family drama,high on histrionics,emotion and comedy. Jhilmil Sitaron ka Aangan Hoga doesn’t disappoint you on any of the three counts even though the humour for most part,is unintentional.

The show is reminiscent of the film Jamai Raja,with Hema Malini-Madhuri Dixit-Anil Kapoor. This is because the plot is centred around Kalyani Devi Raichand,who believes in getting a son-in-law home,rather than sending her daughters away. Her husband,Raghuveer Raichand too has no right to speech in the house.

The show begins by establishing that Kalyani Devi’s two elder daughters,Chandna and Jharna,are already married to two spineless men,who also rely heavily on the Raichands to provide them their means. The current sub-plot revolves around the search for a suitable groom for the youngest daughter,Angana,who will also be willing to become a ghar jamai. The larger story,however,is love story of Aakash,the show’s protagonist,and Angana,who fall in love despite the differences in their family background and status.

Who’s in it?

Sudha Chandran befits the role as the lady of the house. She is authoritative and dominating,but also ensures that her sons-in-law are treated well. Jeetendra Trehan plays Chandran’s husband,whose role is mostly limited to tending to the garden,folding clothes and performing various other household chores. Sonica Handa,Monaz Mewawala and Shreya Jha play the three daughters. Rakesh Paul and Praveen Hingonia are the sons-in-law whereas Pankaj Tiwari plays Aakash.

What’s hot?

After a long time on television,this show brings you the,‘it’s so bad that it’s good’ feeling. The show thrives on cliches,but interestingly enough,they turn out to be the high point of the show. The introduction of the lead protagonists is very 1990s Bollywood-like,with the camera focussing on the eyes,smile and legs before presenting the actor to the audience. It is the familiarity of situation that actually works here. Coming from the Barjatyas,it is no surprise that they use popular music from their movies,such as Hum Aapke

Hain Koun? and Vivaah as background score.

What’s not?

Sudha Chandran,who has already done numerous such authoritative roles,delivers a powerful performance while the rest pale in comparison. The lead pair lacks chemistry,and the only hope is that it builds over the coming weeks. The characters are typical too. The elder daughter is the responsible one,the second one a tad carefree while the youngest one loves to live life on her own terms. The male protagonist is the self-respecting male,like most small screen lead characters.

Should you be watching it?

Barjatya fans,who are big on family entertainers,could give this one a try. Those who are past their style but enjoy unintended comedy could watch a few episodes for its spoofy treatment.

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