Love of Small Things

In a first for the city,‘Card-o-logy’ brings postcard-sized paintings and miniature sculptures by more than 40 artists.

Written by Anjali Jhangiani KP | Published: March 6, 2013 3:15:29 am

In a first for the city,‘Card-o-logy’ brings postcard-sized paintings and miniature sculptures by more than 40 artists.

There’s something charming about a picture postcard. It reminds one of a bygone time,of distant aunts who would send these from a foreign country. Curator Jasmine Shah Verma has added a twist to these pieces of nostalgia,making them a collector’s pride. She has got artists to turn postcards into their canvas and make paintings with a personal touch.

“The postcard is a small but information-packed format of visual communication. I wondered how collectors would appreciate handmade paintings in the form of postcards,and got in touch with artists to make their original artwork in this format,” says Verma. She showcases these works at her ‘Card-O-logy’ series of art exhibitions,whose first edition,in Mumbai,showcased works of 60 artists. Verma says the idea struck her in 2009 when she was reading an article about how postcards have become collectibles.

An online portal called Samara,involved with promoting Indian art across the world,collaborated with Verma for the exhibition’s second edition in Mumbai. The third edition has come to Pune. “The market for art in Pune is increasing rapidly. People not only appreciate art but are enthusiastic to buy it too. Art is perceived to be expensive and made for big apartments; we wanted to break that stereotype through this exhibition,” says Prerana Joshi,director at Samsara. A variety of miniature sculptures and 3D artwork in glass cases have been added to the exhibition that is being held at Either Or store.

In the Pune exhibition,more than 40 artists across genres have put together a collection of more than 200 postcard-sized paintings and miniature sculptures. The list of artists include Akbar Padamsee,Arpana Caur,Prithpal Singh Ladi,Samir Mondal,Sujata Bajaj and Yashwant Deshmukh.

“We gave blank postcards to the artists in June 2012 and got them back around December. The postcards become their canvas. While some made a story-like series of paintings,others used the medium to explore and experiment,” says Munira Soni,art consultant with Samara. The paintings have the format of an actual postcard on the back for artists to write about their paintings.

Among the works are Shurti Nelson’s series titled “Dream Flight”,and Arunanshu Chowdhury’s “Metamorphosis” featuring an amalgamation of birds and beasts. Milburn Cherian has made a series of detailed paintings while Debraj Goswani’s paintings combine animal bodies with parts of vehicles such as a scooter.

“One of the main objectives of the exhibitions is to make art more accessible to those who cannot afford to own a big original piece by their favourite Indian artist. It is also to make art more interactive. One can hold the postcard in his or her hand and read what the artist has written on the back,which makes the paintings more personal. Even the miniature sculptures can be owned by people who don’t have huge homes to place a big piece,” says Ritika Narang Tickoo,co-founder of Either Or.

Card-o-logy is on till March 17 at Either Or,Sohrab Hall,Sassoon Road.

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