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Lok Adalats to clear revenue cases pending for over 30 years

Pendency in division totals up to 9,238 cases, with Pune district having as many as 2,160 cases to be cleared.

Revenue cases pending for over 30 years will now be cleared by the Pune commissioner’s office through Lok Adalats once the pilot project for it is approved. With huge pendency in revenue cases in Pune division —Pune, Satara, Sangli, Solapur and Kolhapur — these cases have been categorised year-wise for clearance. The pendency in the division totals up to 9,238 cases, with Pune district having as many as 2,160 cases to be cleared.

In the division, the pendency for 2014 is 1,120 cases, followed by 5,793 between 2000-2013 and 2,149 between 1976-1999. The pendency in other cases is 176. (see table)

revenue case dataSenior officers from the division responsible for hearing the cases said that for the first time, the department has categorised and sorted cases year-wise by packing papers in different coloured bundles for easy identification. The year-long activity of the division should see results after a pilot Lok Adalat is initiated to clear these cases from one division to the rest.


“In the last one year, our staff has meticulously categorised these cases under 2014, 2000-2013, 1976-1999 and others for each district. With stress on 30-year-old cases, we are zeroing in on Solapur for the pilot project as it has less number of cases,’’ said an official.

While Lok Adalats in the respective districts will help clear these cases, it will also reduce the pendency in the revenue department, added the official.

The highest pendency in cases is for Kolhapur (2,586), followed by Pune district (2,160), Sangli (1,760), Satara (1,743) and Solapur (989), according to the statistics provided by officials.


The revenue officials said that earlier these cases were not sorted and it was often seen that officials had to pull out papers and they would never go back into the same pile which created more confusion and more pendency much to the ire of the citizens. Systematic and organised categorisation of cases was carried out by the department this year, which if cleared through Lok Adalat will help reduce pendency.

“If Lok Adalats are conducted, it will help keep away middlemen and help sorting out issues,’’ said the official, adding, the state government is keen on clearing pendency of old revenue cases.

Meanwhile, the department has also bifurcated the cases which are related to just court matter, government, state and others for each district. If the pilot Lok Adalats are conducted in the respective districts, officials are hoping for a reduction in pendency besides clearance of case in respective districts itself rather than forcing people to visit Pune for the purpose.

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