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Monday, July 16, 2018

LIGHT of life

The recent workshop conducted at Poona School and Home for Blind Trust,marked an interactive session on confidence building

Written by Sonya Chitale | Published: July 2, 2012 3:50:37 am

The recent workshop conducted at Poona School and Home for Blind Trust,marked an interactive session on confidence building

‘We being blind believe that Helen Keller taught us how to see the world in its true sense’. These words came from Omkar,a visually-challenged boy at Poona School and Home for Blind Trust. The occasion was the celebration of 132nd birth anniversary of Helen Keller.

The day saw the students attending a workshop that was organised by Bhakti Dalvi from Amway Opportunity Foundation. She conducts an annual workshop at the Poona Blind school on various topics that aim to boost the morale of the students. This year’s topic – Confidence Building – taught the children the importance of confidence in order to achieve their goal in life.

“The workshop stressed on qualities such as self-acceptance,self-belief,self-esteem,self-talk,self-analysis and change,in order to be a confident individual. The event was conceptualized and organized by Amway Opportunity Foundation,which has been working on this project with Poona school and Home for Blind Trust since last one year to make a difference and help these children grow successfully.

The students,visually enthusiastic about the workshop,came up with several interesting questions and views during the discussion. For instance,when Dalvi posed a question ‘Do you believe in God?’ to one of the students,he answered,“No,I’ve never seen God,so why would I believe in it.” On the other hand,when asked,’Do you think ghosts exist?’,the boy said,“Ghosts are just superstitions that people choose to believe.” The children indeed know how to believe in what they experience rather than following perspectives of other people.

The children did not hesitate from loading Dalvi with some relevant questions. During a particular discussion,Nitin Shewale asked Dalvi,“Before the holidays I was fully prepared for my exams,but when I came back after the vacation I had forgotten everything,is this low confidence?”

A spirit of unity was conspicuous amongst the students. The students not only know how to overcome their shortcomings but they also help each other whole-heartedly. Shahrukh,a 15-year-old boy says,“If my classmate is having trouble learning,all of us make sure to help him.”

The most impressive part of the workshop came in the end when they were asked whether the students doubt their strengths? Not even a single student raised his hand. The students unanimously believe that being visually-challenge is not an excuse to back-off from what they want to achieve in life. Infact,it seemed that the students are crystal clear about their futre. From software engineer to lawyer,from bank manager to radio jockey,from music director to educationist,the students have varied aspirations.

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