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Konkan on canvas

The coastal strip of Konkan is capturing the canvasses of Pune artists

The coastal strip of Konkan is capturing the canvasses of Pune artists

As the showers come down upon a small Konkan village,the lashing rain falling on the sea shore and water sliding down from roofs of thatched huts is a scenic view. Whether it’s the onset of monsoons,fishermen at sea,virgin beaches or rural life- the breathtaking beauty of the Konkan belt seems to inspire city artists to capture its simplicity. Pune has not only witnessed a number of exhibitions on the ‘Konkan’ theme recently but is also getting ready for a few more in the coming days.

Very recently,Mohan Jadhav held an exhibition of his works on Konkan landscapes and fishemen,that ended on June 5 at Darpan Art Gallery. Interestingly,he has not only been painting landscapes but also studying its lifestyle in totality. “I don’t want to merely paint and sell paintings. I have a strong bond with Konkan and hence I have started a three year project in which I plan to study every aspect of the life in this region. This exhibition is the result of one year’s research on Konkani fishermen,” says Jadhav,adding that the monsoon in this belt offers myriad views for painters.

A few months back,Bhaskar Sagar,a commercial art graduate from Pune’s Abhinav Art College,launched a 2012 calendar titled ‘Konkan’ which was a collection of his paintings in water color. “I stayed in the region for six months in districts like Thane,Raigad and Ratnagiri. After a year the calender was released and the response is really good” says Bhaskar.


Last year,Pune-based Art India Foundation chose two places in Konkan – Shreevardhan and Diveagar – to organise an art camp conducted by Sandeep Yadav. The event saw 20 aspiring artists from Pune,picking up nuances of Konkan landscape painting at beautiful beaches. From June 7 to June 14,Darpan Art Gallery will showcase ‘PRAYAG- kahi rang’,a group exhibition of landscapes that will feature Yadav’s paintings based on the theme Konkan.

Govind Dumbre,a well-known landscape artist is one of the city painters enamoured by landscape too and has been painting it for over a decade. In fact,he visits small villages like Revadanda and Malavan every monsoon and prefers to paint on the spot. “The place captivates me with its scenic exquisiteness. The houses,the trees and its people provide a great environment for painting,” says Dumbre fondly.

Most artists who approach a gallery like Malaka Spice,for exhibiting their works have done the same—painted the Konkan belt. “Once in two months,we showcase such works. These exhibitions are sold well and receive very good response from art lovers. Since Konkan is famous for tourism,every gallery visitor can associate with the works,” says Preeti Singh,manager,art and merchandise,Malaka Spice. City artist Sandesh Shete’s paintings on Konkan seascapes and landscapes were recently displayed at the gallery.

Girish Inamdar,in-charge of Darpan Art Gallery,says that the gallery displays paintings on Konkan landscapes at least once a month and has a fairly good market response. “This shows that people want to hold on to their roots,” he adds.